No probe from prosecution commission after deputy attorney-general drops “Boss” charges

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Deputy Attorney-General Nate Naksuk will not be investigated by the Public Prosecutor Commission after his decision to drop a charge of reckless driving against Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya. It is alleged the Red Bull heir ran over and killed a Bangkok policeman in 2012, while speeding and under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Since announcing the dropping of charges, Nate has resigned, a move designed to indicate transparency in his handling of the case.

The commission’s head, Athapol Yaisawang, says the group decided not to proceed with any probe into the deputy attorney-general’s decision, given that an investigating panel has already been set up by the Office of the Attorney-General. Athapol also points out that the attorney-general has not yet accepted Nate’s resignation, and has the power to postpone his departure by 3 months. For his part, Nate stands by the decision to drop the charge against Vorayuth, even while the Office of the Attorney-General comes under intense public scrutiny over the move.

The Bangkok Post reports that so far, 3 panels have been convened to look into the dropping of the charge, which provoked public and social media outrage. One panel has been set up by the PM Prayut Chan-o-cha, headed by Vicha Mahakhun, former National Anti-Corruption commissioner. The other 2 panels are those of the Office of the Attorney-General and the Royal Thai Police Office, who are investigating their own roles in the controversial case.

It’s understood that police plan to request an arrest warrant against Boss on a charge of substance abuse, after it was revealed that traces of cocaine had been found in his system. In addition, 3 more witnesses are being called to give evidence to the panel in relation to the speed at which he was driving his Ferrari at the time of the incident.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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