Kalasin Police officers suspended over drug-planting allegations and extortion claim

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A woman lodged a police complaint accusing five officers of entering her room at a resort in Kalasin in northeast Thailand and attempting to plant drugs. She alleged they then bundled her into a car and demanded 50,000 baht for her release. The case is being handled, with two of the accused officers from the provincial force and the other three from the local Na Mon station.

According to Suwan Chiewnawintawat, the commanding officer of the Kalasin Provincial Police, initial reports indicate the five officers accused have been temporarily suspended. A committee has been formed to investigate the allegations, under the order of the commander of Kalasin Provincial Police.

The woman’s allegations sparked serious action, with both a provincial committee and a regional committee from the Provincial Police Region 4 performing an investigation into the case. The purpose of these committees is to ensure a fair and complete investigation is conducted for both parties involved, reported KhaoSod. Suwan said…

“However, the five officers under scrutiny have denied the allegations. If the investigation indicates that a wrongdoing has occurred, they will face both disciplinary and criminal action. We assure both parties that justice will be served.”

Details about the progress of the case from the inquiry with Suthep Phuganha, the deputy commander of Mueang Kalasin Police Station, showed that after the victim filed her complaint on July 11, initial investigations had included interviewing the victim.

Currently, the process of gathering evidence is underway before sending the case of the five officers to the Kalasin Provincial Prosecutor within this week, as required by law procedures.

Earlier on, the victim had contacted a local reporter in Kalasin to carry her story forward. Following this, she informed the reporter that she wanted to consult a lawyer before proceeding further. Attempts by the media to contact her after that have so far been unsuccessful.

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