Junkie son beats up ex Thai boxer father in Bangkok

The junkie son of a former Thai boxer beat his father senseless but he has forgiven him despite a trip to the local Bangkok cop shop. The father wants to help the son beat his addiction rather than see him beat up others and get thrown in jail.

The former Thai boxer Ratanapol “Sor” Vorapin, also known as Rambo, reached out to officers at Chana Songkhram Police Station in Bangkok to see if they can help get treatment for his drug-addict son.

Rambo’s junkie son has relapsed multiple times despite attending rehab and continues to beat his father despite being a former boxer, Bangkok Post reported.

The 50 year old admits he is no match for his son’s size or strength. The unnamed druggie weighs in at least 100 kilogrammes according to his father who is half his son’s weight.

Rambo showed facial bruising to reporters at his home in Samsen soi 6 and recalled how his son administered several haymakers and dragged him along the ground. But, according to his father, the vicious assault was a result of a misunderstanding.

“He found out I had been to the police and assumed I was trying to get him arrested.

“I have told the police I do not want to take action against him. I feel sorry for my son, forgive him, and want him to go back into treatment.

“I suspect it is karma, as I used to speak brusquely to my father when I was young, which made him unhappy.

According to Pol. Lt. Col. Sarayut Boontham, the deputy head of investigations at the station, Rambo, who is a noodle vendor on Khao San Road, visited the officers two or three days prior.

“He wanted his son to go back into rehab. As we were helping arrange it, his son caught wind of the fact Rambo had come to see us and assumed his dad wanted to have him arrested. They started to argue at home, and the victim was assaulted.

“Rambo has left a record of what happened as evidence, and we won’t charge the son with assault if that’s his choice.

“Next, we have to talk to the son to make sure he wants to go to rehab voluntarily.

“If we arrest him for assault and sent him for treatment as part of the proceedings, it could inflame matters at home further. However, if Rambo changes his mind, we are happy to take action for the assault.”

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