Famous Thailand footballer jilted bride-to-be at altar, she files police complaint

A famous Thailand footballer jilted his bride-to-be at the altar and defrauded her family according to claims by the man’s fiancé.

The jilted bride from Buriram filed a complaint with the police alleging that the man is a star from a well-known Surin football club, he swindled her family out of hundreds of thousands of baht and failed to show up for the wedding.

The 20 year old woman from the Lahan Sai district was accompanied by her mother when she filed the complaint with the police, Bangkok Post reported.

Fah told police that she met the footie star, named only as M, a year ago, adding he swindled money from her family to make merit after his mother and younger sister supposedly died from Covid-19.

Fah’s 56 year old mother, Po, transferred 16,000 baht to M for the funeral. M said he would pay back the debt when the life insurance payments came through but the money has yet to arrive.

M sent them pictures of the funeral but the family believes the footballer downloaded the snaps online because he has since told Fah that he has no family.

The family also has a 300,000 baht bill for the couple’s wedding he failed to attend on Sunday, February 26.

When the pair agreed to get wed in January, M asked Fah’s mother to seek advice from the monks for an auspicious date for the occasion. Additionally, he gave the family a necklace valued at three baht in gold as a deposit.

Po said…

“He said he would provide a dowry of 800,000 baht and gold worth six baht, and said many famous footballers would come as guests.

“I believed him, obtained a date of February 26 and started preparations for the wedding. We booked the venue and bought food and drinks, and wedding gifts of Thai silk for his relatives. As for the catering, we booked a Chinese-style banquet meal for 40 tables. The total cost was 300,000 baht.”

Shortly before the wedding, M contacted the family to inform them that his sister-in-law had stolen the gold and money intended for the dowry. Furthermore, he did not attend the wedding, and the family has not had any contact with him since then.

“I am sure he is lying about the theft of the dowry as we had earlier taken the necklace to a gold shop, where to our surprise staff told us the necklace he gave us was fake.”

M told Fah a different story. He said his elder brother had taken the “real” gold and pawned it, but said he would redeem it before the big day.

Following reports that the family had reported the incident to the police, M sent a message to Fah in which he promised to repay the damages, but did not specify when. He also told a tale of woe about his background.

Fah said…

“He claimed he had no parents, and said another family took him in when he was young and that’s all he had in life.

“I told him I didn’t care about his background. I ask only that he would love me honestly, but I can’t accept that he cheated on my family and caused us so much stress and bother.

“I can’t go back to the way we were, but if he feels repentant, he should come back and take responsibility.”

The jilted bride recouped some of the money by returning the 2,500 baht wedding dress she hired to the wedding shop but Po says her daughter and the family have been humiliated.

“I had seen this sort of thing in the news but never thought it would happen to our own family.”

Bangkok Post updated reports on M, saying he has fled his rental home because he was two months behind on the rent.

The police informed the family that M’s actions could be classified as a breach of contract, rather than fraud. They advised the family to document the incident as evidence and to hire a lawyer to pursue a civil claim.

The case continues…

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