Gunman surrenders after fatal shooting of 2 men in Phitsanulok, Thailand

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A 41 year old Thai man named Badin, who killed two men with an M16 rifle, has surrendered at the Wat Bot Police Station in Phitsanulok province, following the intervention of a local politician. The suspect, who disappeared after the shooting, will be questioned by authorities to establish the motive behind the brutal attack.

Authorities announced this morning at 10.30am that Badin (surname withheld) surrendered to officers at the station. Badin was accused of using an M16 military-grade rifle to murder 42 year old Waeng, and 37 year old Manu. The fatal shooting occurred at a residence in the Kan Chong sub-district of Wat Bot district. Afterwards, the suspect went into hiding.

Badin eventually made contact with a local politician in the area from the Hin Lat Sub-district Administration Organisation, Wat Bot District. Following negotiations, several officers took the suspect into custody before he could be brought for questioning at Wat Bot Police Station. Later, the suspect will be taken to the crime scene to reconstruct the events, which will help police gather more information about the case. Further updates on the investigation will be provided as new details emerge.

“Badin, the prime suspect in the murders of Waeng and Manu, has turned himself in today after the intervention of a local politician,” the report stated. “Police will now question him to establish the motive behind the brutal attack and gather any necessary evidence to help with the ongoing investigation.”

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