Famous Belgian murderer Robert Beijer arrested in Pattaya, Thailand

Convicted murderer and suspect in Belgium’s infamous ‘Brabant Killers‘ case of the 1980s – Robert Beijer – has been arrested in Pattaya, Chon Buri province, eastern Thailand.

Robert Beijer, a former state policeman, was convicted of murdering and robbing an Antwerp diamond dealer in 1995 along with Madani Bouhouche.

Beijer was sentenced to 14 years but was let out early for good behaviour and has allegedly been living on and off in Thailand since 1999. Reports say he has recently been receiving cancer treatment in Thailand.

The murderer is a prime suspect in the infamous ‘Brabant Killers’ or ‘Nivelles Gang’ case of the 1980s, one of Belgium’s biggest and most mysterious unsolved cases.

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The Brabant Killers were a notorious gang responsible for a series of mass shootings, violent attacks, and robberies in the Belgian province of Brabant between 1982-85 in which 28 people were killed and 22 were injured. No suspects in the case have ever been convicted.

Beijer was allegedly arrested by Thai police in Pattaya this week for residing in Thailand illegally.

However, Belgian media reports that he was arrested to be questioned about his involvement with the Brabant Killers, an investigation which has resurfaced due to recent developments.

Earlier this month, Belgian magnet fishers found an Uzi submachine gun allegedly used by the Brabant Killers in a daylight robbery in Nivelles in 1983, sparking fresh interest in the case.

In Thailand, Thai media are usually all over cases of foreigners overstaying their visas or residing illegally in Thailand. However, the Thai media were not invited to cover Beijer’s arrest.

Beijer’s arrest was reportedly requested by Belgian authorities, who are currently searching his property in Pattaya, reports the Brussels Times.

It is thought that at least 10 people were involved in the Brabant Killers gang, with three main suspects “The Killer,” “The Giant” and “The Old Man” having never been identified. Some of the suspects have since died, including Madani Bouhouche.

In his memoirs, Beijer has always denied any involvement with the Brabant Killers.

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