Drunk shoots neighbour in ongoing feud in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand

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A severe case of neighbourhood conflict escalated drastically yesterday when a drunk man shot his neighbour with a shotgun in northern Thailand. Local police dashed to the scene to investigate the incident with an emergency rescue unit in Chiang Mai. The perpetrator was arrested and charged.

The 66 year old offender, Manu, was found in a severe state of inebriation and was incapable of explaining his actions coherently. The police took him into custody along with the used shotgun, one spent cartridge, two imitation firearms, and a knife. His neighbour, 66 year old Bua Pad, was shot in the backside and lower leg. She is currently receiving treatment at a local hospital, reported KhaoSod.

When questioning residents, they stated that Manu regularly caused disturbances when drunk. He was particularly antagonistic towards Bua Pad, with whom he had a long-standing dispute. The feud reportedly started over Bua Pad hanging laundry in areas which impeded Manu. As things escalated, Manu went back into his house, retrieved his shotgun, and fired at Bua Pad, who was fortunately not fatally injured.

The accused was taken into custody and charged according to the law. Notably, before being taken away, Manu threatened his other neighbours, saying that once he was released, he would “settle the score” with everyone. An ominous declaration which leaves the community living in fear.

In June, a neighbourhood argument escalated to gun violence, leaving a 26 year old in critical condition last night in Trang, Krabi. The victim, identified as Amornthep, was allegedly shot by his 25 year old neighbour, Natthapong, who subsequently fled the scene with his 52 year old father, Anon.

At about 9.30pm, local police were alerted to a shooting in front of a house in Trang City. When officers arrived on the scene, they found a blue Honda Wave motorcycle knocked over on the road in front of the house. To read more click HERE

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