Cheating husband shoots wife in the head live on Facebook in southern Thailand

A cheating husband shot dead his wife after she caught him in bed with three women in Nakhon Si Thammarat province in southern Thailand yesterday.

When she caught him, she went live on Facebook and scolded him, making him so angry that he shot her in the head. The incident was also clearly captured by CCTV.

At 6.30am, officers from Mueang Police Station were informed that a woman had been shot dead in front of a rented property in Soi Pepe, Moo 2, Pho Sadet subdistrict.

Police found the body of 27 year old Jaranya “Fah” Yothakun lying face down on the road. She had been shot once in the left ear and the bullet was lodged in her skull.

The married couple argued outside of the house for a few minutes. Fah’s husband, 30 year old Anon “Mack” Suthikan, got angry and shot his gun into the sky. Then, he slapped his wife in the head with the pistol and shot her in the head at the same time.

Mack got into his Toyota sedan with the women and his friends and fled the scene, leaving his wife dead in the street.

Two bullet casings were found at the scene and collected as evidence. Police also took the video from the deceased’s Facebook account as evidence.

Police have already tracked down and arrested Mack under suspicion of murder. He is known as “Mack Tung Jin” in the local area and is allegedly part of a large drug gang.

Mack’s elder brother, 36 year old “Bao Daun Tung Jin” was shot dead by Nakhon Si Thammarat police over drug charges on July 6, 2022.

One of the women pictured getting into the car has posted on her personal Facebook account regarding the shooting. She says she and the other girls were unaware of Mack and Fah’s relationship.

She said that when Fah was shot she was in complete shock. She posted screenshots of her call history that revealed she was the person who called the police and rescue services at 6.26am.

Last year, Nakhon Si Thammarat province was deemed “Thailand’s most murderous province.”

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