Bullied Thai student fatally stabs 1 and injures 2 others at renowned school

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A secondary school student fatally stabbed a fellow student after an argument at a reputable school in Sri Rattana district in Thailand‘s northeast Sisaket province. Two other 14 year olds sustained serious injuries, Khaosod reported this morning. The incident led the Sisaket Provincial Governor, Samruay Kasemsuk, to urgently visit and aid the deceased student’s family, providing financial assistance and moral support.

According to testimonies, the accused attacker, a 14 year old boy, was regularly bullied by the group involved in the incident. The conflict escalated when, while trying to question their motives, he was attacked by the group and retaliated using a small knife, causing the death of a student and injuries to two others. The suspect has been charged with manslaughter, assault causing injury, and carrying a weapon in a public place. The school’s administrators and teachers have reportedly contributed 50,000 baht immediately to help the deceased student’s family with funeral expenses.

Sisaket Provincial Governor Samruay Kasemsuk has visited the family of the deceased student, accompanied by the Sisaket Scout Leader and Provincial Committee. They brought a wreath to express their condolences and gave financial assistance of 3,000 baht to the family. Meanwhile, the school’s management and teachers tirelessly provided support and funeral arrangements to alleviate the family’s burden.

The Office of Social Development and Human Security of Sisaket also provided support to the grieving family. The deceased student’s funeral was held for three days. Tomorrow, the body will be taken to the Non Sawang Temple to be kept in a coffin until the family, relatives, and friends could organise further ceremonies after three years.

Tragically, a similar incident occurred earlier this year.

On February 15, a Pattaya boy stabbed his schoolmate in his stomach with a knife. The suspect confessed to the stabbing. He told police that he had been carrying the knife with him for the past week to protect himself because the victim had been bullying him.

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