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Coronavirus UPDATE: President Xi addresses “grave situation of the rapid spreading epidemic”

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Coronavirus UPDATE: President Xi addresses “grave situation of the rapid spreading epidemic” | The Thaiger
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The Novel Coronavirus that infects the respiratory tract and gives patients flu-like symptoms, is now responsible for at least 42 deaths in central China (40 in Hubei), with 15 new fatalities reported yesterday, and more than 1,409 cases in total. At this stage the spread of the virus outside China has been extremely isolated with overseas authorities quarantining any confirmed cases detected. Confirmed cases outside of China remain at 38 this morning (below).

China’s President Xi Jinping chaired a meeting with top officials of the ruling Communist Party on the prevention and control of the outbreak yesterday. Xi made it clear that in facing the “grave situation of the rapid spreading epidemic” of the new coronavirus, it is necessary to strengthen the centralised leadership team”.

Meanwhile, in France, where 3 cases were detected on Friday, a leading doctor treating two Paris patients says that the illness “appears less serious than comparable outbreaks of the past and that the chance of a European epidemic appears weak at this stage”.

• Yesterday, the trade association of Chinese travel agencies announced it would suspend overseas tour groups and flight/hotel vacation packages for all Chinese citizens, effective tomorrow (Monday).

• Chinese President Xi has ordered officials in the Hubei Province (where Wuhan is the capital) to take more rigorous measures to prevent the virus from spreading and to locate all patients in centralised quarantine. He is urging the country’s party committees and governments at various levels to fully implement the decisions and policies made by the Party’s Central Committee, and make all efforts to mobilise resources to curb the spread of the virus.

• President Xi called for “strengthening the protection of medical staff, ensuring the market supply of materials in need, intensifying disclosure of related information to guide the public opinion as well as the mobilisation of social forces to uphold the overall stability of society”.

• All Chinese domestic group and packaged tours were stopped on Friday.

• The Chinese central government says it is sending more than 1,200 health workers, along with 135 People’s Liberation Army medical personnel, to Wuhan. The announcement is an unprecedented effort to control the spread of the virus.

• The US government has announced a charter flight for diplomats in Wuhan, according to CNN. The French government has also chartered a bus to transport its citizens out of the city.

• Videos and witness accounts from Wuhan indicate packed hospitals and overworked staff. A new, 1,000 bed hospital is being built on the city’s outskirts, which will be ready by February 3.

• In the US, the first two cases of coronavirus were confirmed this week – a man in his 30s who is under observation in Washington State and a Chicago woman in her 60s.

• Confirmed cases of coronavirus in China and around the world now stand at more than 1,400 globally. China has already restricted travel for more than 30 million people, a move considered unprecedented. Medical facilities are struggling in Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, as authorities race to build a new hospital for those affected.

• US President Trump has tweeted his thanks to President Xi and China’s efforts to contain the Wuhan coronavirus.

• A Hong marathon running event marathon, due to take place in a couple of weeks, has been cancelled amid fears of the coronavirus outbreak. Organiser assured the event’s 70,000 participants that they will receive refunds. Meanwhile, Hong Kong has raised its response level “emergency,” and the city’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam has cancelled the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival events for Chinese New Year.

Cases outside mainland China…

Hong Kong: 5
Thailand: 5
Australia: 4
Taiwan: 3
Malaysia: 3
Japan: 3
France: 3
Singapore: 3
US: 2
Macao: 2
Vietnam: 2
South Korea: 2
Nepal: 1


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1 Comment

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    January 26, 2020 at 11:50 am

    the chicoms were getting ready to launch this virus in HK so they could invade under the auspices of humanitarian aid. Someone fumbled! Since the “peoples liberation” army engineered it, hopefully they have the cure!

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Thai family of three are focus of local coronavirus outbreak in northern Bangkok

Greeley Pulitzer



Thai family of three are focus of local coronavirus outbreak in northern Bangkok | The Thaiger


Three worrying new Thailand coronavirus cases are being reported as coming from the same family. A 65 year old man, the grandfather in the family, had returned from Japan with his wife but didn’t disclose his situation or travel history to health workers when he took himself to hospital with a fever. The grandfather tested positive and his workplace, B.Care Medical Centre in Bangkok’s Sai Mai district, has been closed down. The grandson, who is also confirmed as being infected by the virus, potentially infected 50 children in his classroom and possibly more at his school.

Officials quizzed and tested 30 students and 11 teachers at Phraharuthai Donmuang School in Bangkok’s Don Meuang district who had had contact with the man’s grandchild. They were advised to quarantine themselves at home for 14 days. The school’s other 100 students were asked to avoid public activities and crowded places.

Meanwhile the Thai health ministry is asking Thai people not to be tempted by cheap flights “but travel within Thailand instead”. The spokesman claims “that a cheap holiday could turn into an expensive problem”. He said at-risk countries include China, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Italy, Iran & Japan.

And TMB Thanachart bank is confirming this afternoon that a family member of an employee of the Don Mueang branch has tested positive for coronavirus. The bank says the branch is closed for disinfecting “because the grandfather’s son works there”. The son is also now in self-quarantine, according to The Nation and The Nation.

(In this latest update there are confusing alternative reports which have reported the grandson as a granddaughter, and various branches of banks included in the reports. The Thaiger will try and clarify the confusion as soon as possible.)


Two new coronavirus (Covid-19) cases have been confirmed in Thailand, bringing the total number of cases to 37. Of these, 22 have made full recoveries. The new cases are a 31 year old woman whose relative had visited Guangzhou, China, and a 29 year old driver who chauffeured Chinese tourists.

Sukhum Kanchanapimai, permanent secretary for public health, says the woman is a maid and was initially diagnosed with pneumonia of unknown cause. Later, doctors learned she had a relative who’d returned from Guangzhou. She is now being treated at Rajavithi Hospital.

The man showed up with fever and a cough after being in close contact with Chinese tourists, and was admitted to Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute in Nontha Buri province just west of Bangkok. Health officials are investigating whether friends and family of the patients are also infected.

“We found more confirmed cases because the Public Health Ministry improved its surveillance on February 18, increasing the number of countries, visitors and provinces under close watch.”

The good news, Sukhum says, is that another coronavirus patient has fully recovered and been discharged in Krabi. The patient was a 32 year old Chinese woman who had landed in Bangkok before Wuhan airport was locked down. He said that of the 37 confirmed cases, 22 (60%) have been discharged, 12 of whom were Thai.

1,580 patients have so far been “under investigation.” Of these, 1,160 were diagnosed with influenza and discharged under monitoring. The other 420 remain in hospital.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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Thai Airways to waive exchange fees for more routes

Greeley Pulitzer



Thai Airways to waive exchange fees for more routes | The Thaiger
PHOTO: Thai Airways is waiving swap fees for more routes to coronavirus-affected areas - The Nation

Thai Airways International announced today that it will waive charges for flight swaps for even more passengers going to countries and territories affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19).
The policy now extends to the following routes:

Return trip: Bangkok-Japan, -South Korea, -Taiwan, -Singapore
Exchange fees will be waived for THAI or THAI Smile code-share tickets issued on or before February 18 for travel between February 18 and April 30 from Bangkok to Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Sendai, Seoul, Pusan, Taipei, Kaohsiung or Singapore

Return trip, Bangkok-China, -Hong Kong
THAI tickets for Bangkok to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Kunming or Chengdu; THAI Smile code-share tickets for Bangkok to Chongqing, Changsha or Zhengzhou, Shenzhen Airlines code-share tickets for Bangkok-Shenzhen or Phuket-Shenzhen; also THAI Smile tickets from Bangkok or Phuket to Hong Kong issued on or before January 28 for flights between January 24 and April 30 will have their swap fees waived.

Roundtrip flights Bangkok-Italy
THAI tickets issued on or before February 25 for travel between February 25 and April 30 for Bangkok-Rome or Bangkok-Milan

Passengers can change tickets or reroute before the specified flight date or for as long as the ticket is valid, or postpone their departure date, at any THAI sales office until September 30.

Find out more at or the THAI Contact Centre, 02 356 1111.

SOURCE: Thailand Today

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Two news cases confirmed in Thailand, pushing total to 37

The Thaiger



Two news cases confirmed in Thailand, pushing total to 37 | The Thaiger

The Thai Public Health Ministry has announced two new Coronavirus cases in Thailand. A 31 year old woman and a 29 year old taxi driver. The two cases pushes the Thai confirmed Covid-19 confirmations up to a total of 37 cases since the outbreak began at the end of December last year.

Permanent secretary for health, Sukhum Kanchanapimai, confirmed that the woman was a housemaid and was initially diagnosed with a pneumonia of “unknown causes”. Doctors later discovered she had a relative who had recently returned from China. She continues to be treated at Rajavithi Hospital, near the Victory Monument in Bangkok.

The male patient has been admitted to the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute in Nonthaburi. He told doctors he had been in close contact with many Chinese tourists during his travels and initially showed up with a fever and cough.

Health officials are now tracking down any people that had been with the pair during the past few weeks.

The Public Health Ministry say they have expanded surveillance for visitors from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan and people around Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Chon Buri, Krabi, Phuket, Prachuap Khiri Khan and Samut Prakan provinces.

The minister confirmed that 22 (60%) of Thailand’s 37 cases had fully recovered and already discharged, while 15 others remain at hospitals for treatment. Twelve of the 37 people are Thai.

As of this morning, patients under investigation number 1,580. Of these 1,160 simply had seasonal influenza, had recovered and had been discharged whilst being monitored.

Meanwhile, the outbreak continues to play havoc on airline operations and schedules. Many airlines are slashing ticket prices in efforts to keep their planes flying. Nok Air and NokScoot have cut pilots and cabin crew to save costs.

Thai Airways says they’re partnering with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to offer discounts such as free domestic tickets to international tourists. Under the six-month campaign, Thai Airways is offering 10,000 tickets to Thailand to international tourists with at least a 20% discount, plus a round-trip ticket for a domestic route operated by Thai Airways or their domestic subsidiary Thai Smile.

Low-cost carriers plan to focus on local tourists opting for domestic travel as there is a limited number of outbound choices free from the virus, according to the Bangkok Post.

Thai AirAsia is providing 100 baht discounts for any domestic routes within a designated period, while Nok Air is offering one-way ticket prices for domestic routes starting from 680 baht this month. Vietjet Air has marked down all routes across Thailand by 50%.

Read our latest daily world Coronavirus Update HERE.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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