Thai man sets ‘high’ score for fastest joint roller at Phuket’s Cannabis Cup

As cannabis remains one of the nation’s hottest political issues in Thailand prior to the election in May, one Thai man won 5,000 baht for rolling a perfect one-gramme joint in just 43 seconds at the first-ever Cannabis Cup in Phuket on Saturday, reports Reuters.

Hailed the fastest joint roller in all of Phuket, 30 year old Phuketian Ativat Janmuangthai won a cash prize and a trophy for his ability to roll up cannabis into a smokeable form faster than any other contestant at the competition on Saturday.

Having more than five years of practice, Ativat has no trouble strapping up a joint with his eyes closed, his friends said proudly.

Given that there are now more than 1000 registered cannabis dispensaries in Phuket alone, the inaugural Cannabis Cup, held at Pamookkoo Resort in Kata Beach, gave business owners and stakeholders the chance to collectively discuss quality and safety standards and as well as the future of the industry.

The event was hosted by Poonwarit Wangpatravanich, the head of the Phuket Cannabis Association (PCA). Cannabis advocates in Phuket recently formed the PCA to ensure that their voices are heard during a tumultuous political time when the future of Thailand’s liberal cannabis industry is up in the air.

Last month, Thailand’s House of Representatives failed to endorse the draft cannabis bill which aims at regulating the use of the fairly newly legalised plant, leaving Thailand’s cannabis legislation in further limbo – ready to be politicised and weaponised prior to the general election on May 14.

Some political parties would like to see the decriminalisation of cannabis go up in smoke, which would be a nightmare for the thousands of people who have developed cannabis businesses, products and dispensaries in Thailand over the past year.

Critics such as the Phue Thai Party say that the Bhumhaithai Party – which championed the decriminalisation of cannabis – enforced its pro-cannabis policy without much thought about the consequences.

Whereas, cannabis advocates not only vouch for the medicinal benefits of the plant but point out the wonders that cannabis has done for Thailand’s economy since June last year.

While politicians debate the safety of cannabis, stoners continue to make the most of Thailand’s currently free cannabis policy. The Cannabis Cup was full of fun marijuana-related activities such as genetics and cultivation awards, the fastest rolling competition, Bong Ripping competition, Miss Cannabis (a cannabis-related knowledge contest) and a discussion panel about cloning and plant medicines.

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Leah is a translator and news writer for the Thaiger. Leah studied East Asian Religions and Thai Studies at the University of Leeds and Chiang Mai University. Leah covers crime, politics, environment, human rights, entertainment, travel and culture in Thailand and southeast Asia.