Top 3 “confidence-boosting” spots in Ari area

Recommend “confidence-boosting” spots in Ari area, cheap prices and get money back!

What would you do if you lacked the confidence to go outside? Today we, Ari Spy, will present three shops to increase confidence for Bangkokians. Whether eyelash extensions, beauty clinics, or even spas—all of which can be found at very low prices and are eligible for a refund. Good promotions like this make us, Ari Spy still want to keep it for ourselves without telling anyone. Furthermore, the prices for all three locations that we will present are very reasonable.

For example, the price of eyelash extensions starts at only 199 baht, and even with a diode laser, hair removal starts at only 199 baht as well. Oh, the prices are really affordable, and you can get your money back! What are you waiting for? Ari Spy will introduce you to all of these places.

1. The Add-On Studio

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It cannot wait to be attractive. Nowadays, beauty treatments are really common. Eyelashes and eyebrow shapes can be complemented to enhance your confidence because beauty can be chosen by yourself at Add On Studio.

Add On Studio offers services for designing eyebrow shapes, eyelash lifting, lip color embedding, natural line eyebrow tattooing, and eyelash extensions with a line-to-line technique.

This is a more complex technique than applying eyelashes, which can be done by yourself. Because it has to be done one by one and with eyelashes that are suitable for each person, which can be done by experienced professional beauticians who are ready to serve you the best, the shop uses only quality products and soft eyelashes that are not heavy on the eyelids. It helps your faces look more dimensional and naturally beautiful.

Add On Studio is located at The Hub Phahol-Ari in the heart of Phayathai, which is next to the Government Savings Bank Headquarters on Phaholyothin Road. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor and turn right to see the shop immediately.

Anyone traveling by car is able to park in The Hub at Phahol-Ari. Driving in, there will be an outdoor parking lot. Free parking for the first hour (bring the parking ticket to be stamped at the shop).

The following hour is 30 baht per hour. The service fee for auto parking is now 50 baht for the first two hours and 50 baht per hour after that.

For business hours, Add On Studio is open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

đź“Ť Add on studio, 466, 1-39 Phaholyothin Road, Samsennai, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400

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Top 3 "confidence-boosting" spots in Ari area | News by Thaiger

2.Maline Clinic, Ari (Clinic)

Nowadays, beauty is very important, which makes us have confidence in ourselves and always look outstanding. Therefore, using the services of a beauty clinic is normal in today’s society.

If anyone is looking for a complete beauty clinic, we would like to introduce Maline Clinic to solve all your problems because there are many services such as vitamin injection service, facial laser to solve skin problems, armpit hair removal, Mesotherapy, HIFU, other hair removal, filler injection, sweat reduction, body odor reduction, acne treatment, liposuction to dissolve fat, build muscle, build a six-pack, get a lip tattoo, lip color, eyebrows, Botulinum Toxin injections, treat acne holes, and reduce acne scars, along with modern technology. with specialized doctors and a team of professionals eager to serve you.Certainly not forcing you to purchase courses.

đź“Ť.Maline Clinic, Ari 20 1 Soi Phaholyothin, Samsen Nai Subdistrict, Phayathai District, Bangkok 10400

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Top 3 "confidence-boosting" spots in Ari area | News by Thaiger

3. Calm Spa, Ari (spa)

Spa massage or massage for relaxation is another activity that is popular in urban lifestyles. Working habits and lifestyles are important for people of working age as well as teenagers, particularly those of working age. We are less focused on standing, walking, moving, or exerting ourselves like before, which is mostly sitting in front of a computer or looking down at the mobile phone for a long time instead, which causes pain. In the name of Clam Spa, we would like to recommend a relaxing massage and a soothing massage.

Clam Spa, a space of peace, comfort and relaxation in the midst of a cozy atmosphere with modern style decoration that uses earth tones as the main color. Which gives the feeling of being connected to nature and, combined with the unique scent, makes Clam Spa more than just a spa. But it is a space where you can relax your body and mind as well.

In addition, Clam Spa offers a wide range of skin and body treatments. Whether it is Thai massage, foot massage, oil massage, aromatherapy, or expert treatment services, the shop also uses special organic product formulas that are friendly to you and the environment. Experience the relaxation that is definitely worth the price.

đź“Ť Calm Spa Thailand, Phaholyothin 13, Soi Aree 4, North side, opening hours daily 10.00-23.00 hrs. Tel. 096-941-8645

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Top 3 "confidence-boosting" spots in Ari area | News by Thaiger

How is it going for the confidence-boosting places in Bangkok? If you have read this far and are still wondering how to get a refund or cashback, simply use the links we provided and purchase deals through that link, and you will have a chance to receive cashback of up to 50%. You can also ask the admin directly through the platform at: thaigerdeals or on Facebook at: thaigerdeals.

These are still only some places in Bangkok. If you are interested in any service in Thailand, you can see more at Platform: Thaigerdeals.



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