Top fun-tastic activities your kids will love at iCamp Thailand

The backyard rock climbing. Image via iCamp Thailand

The American-style summer camp offers kids a wealth of experiences that often become fond memories for them. Now, with iCamp Thailand, you don’t need to send your kids halfway across the globe for a similar opportunity.

iCamp Thailand is the first American-style residential camp in Thailand. It provides a variety of thrilling activities designed to inspire, challenge, and entertain children between the ages of 8 and 16. Nestled in the idyllic Kanchanaburi, it’s a safe and fun place where they can make new friends, discover new talents, and grow in confidence, all while having the time of their lives.

From hiking with scenic views to dancing on stage, there’s something exciting for everyone. Here are some of the best summer camp activities that kids can enjoy at iCamp Thailand.

Best activities your kids can enjoy at iCamp Thailand

1. Outdoor adventures

A kid wearing red t-shirt smiling while zip lining through the forest during summer camp at iCamp Thailand.
Zip lining. Image via iCamp Thailand

Thanks to its location in Kanchanaburi, iCamp Thailand is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. The landscape features the majestic River Kwai Valley, dotted with cascading waterfalls, mysterious caves, tranquil lakes, and towering mountains. It’s the perfect setting where kids can immerse themselves in outdoor adventures, allowing them to be physically active and intellectually engaged during their summer break. They can partake in activities like hiking through lush forests, kayaking on serene waters, and exploring the diverse flora and fauna of the area. However, even within the camp premises, they can participate in various outdoor activities such as relaxing by a campfire in the evening.

Well-trained staff will guide your kids throughout their adventure so they can learn valuable outdoor skills while having fun and making new friends. Plus, these activities also foster a love for nature and encourage a sense of exploration

2. Sports galore

A girl playing soccer during a summer camp, iCamp Thailand.
Soccer. Image via iCamp Thailand

iCamp Thailand is a paradise for sports enthusiasts. Boxing, table tennis, soccer, beach volleyball, cycling, badminton, basketball, swimming – you name it, iCamp Thailand has it. The camp boasts various playing fields for soccer, baseball, and more. It also has an all-weather tennis court and basketball court, so your kids can play their favourite sports come rain or shine. In addition to traditional sports, iCamp Thailand also provides opportunities for archery, horseback riding, water obstacle courses, and gaga ball, among others.

Specifically chosen for their fun and energetic ability to motivate kids, iCamp Thailand’s sports counsellors will motivate your kids to participate in healthy and exciting games. They focus more on improving physical fitness and making sports enjoyable for everyone than winning. And for those who thrive on competition, the camp organises inter-camp matches in various sports throughout the summer sessions.

3. Creative arts & crafts

Top fun-tastic activities your kids will love at iCamp Thailand | News by Thaiger
Image via iCamp Thailand

Inside iCamp Thailand’s bamboo-walled room with floor-to-ceiling windows, your children can let their imagination run wild with arts and crafts. The camp provides a selection of exciting and rewarding fine arts activities. These activities are suitable for both beginners and more experienced young artists. From painting and sculpting to puppet making and fashion designing, the children can experiment with different mediums and techniques under the guidance of expert instructors.

The instructors are all current practising artists with teaching degrees. They bring passion and dedication to every session to help children expand their imagination, develop confidence in their creative abilities, and nurture their love for the arts. At the end of every session, all of the children’s amazing works of art will be displayed in an extensive fine art gallery.

4. Performing arts

A group of boys in a dance class during a summer camp at iCamp Thailand
Dancing class. Image via iCamp Thailand

Several studies have shown that a background in performing arts can significantly boost children’s confidence, communication skills, teamwork, creative thinking, discipline, and self-awareness. And at iCamp Thailand’s summer camp, young aspiring performers have plenty of opportunities to hone their skills in a supportive and non-competitive environment.

Does your child love to dance? There are dance classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Want to encourage your child to come out of their shells? They can participate in drama workshops to build confidence. For children seeking an adrenaline rush, iCamp Thailand’s circus department features a full-sized flying trapeze rig where instructors guide them to face fears and take leaps of faith.

Moreover, the music department at iCamp Thailand boasts industry professionals such as composers and session musicians who can help your children learn new instruments or improve their skills.

Before the summer camp ends, these future stars can showcase the skills they’ve learned and shine on the stage.

5. Team-building games

Top fun-tastic activities your kids will love at iCamp Thailand | News by Thaiger
Image via iCamp Thailand

Engaging in team-building games is a fantastic way for children to cultivate crucial skills, such as trust, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving. Plus, these games are a lot of fun!

Children at iCamp Thailand have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of team-building games. Their top-notch facilities and team of expert instructors will ensure that kids develop important life skills while having a blast. Among the many team building games available, some of the most popular are bunk-versus-bunk competitions and lip syncbattles.

Top fun-tastic activities your kids will love at iCamp Thailand | News by Thaiger
Image via iCamp Thailand

Summer is all about laughter-filled days and unforgettable memories at iCamp Thailand. Aside from the fun and educational activities, iCamp Thailand also makes sure that the children “unplug.” This means they have to disconnect from devices like phones and iPads. This rule encourages children to focus on connecting with one another and immersing themselves in the natural beauty surrounding them.

For an all-inclusive price of 30,000THB per child per session, iCamp Thailand offers top-notch facilities, as well as a safe and comfy environment. The camp features sixteen cabins (eight for boys and eight for girls), each accommodating twelve campers and two staff members, organised by gender and age. Designed with eco-friendly bamboo materials, the cabins boast six bunk beds in each dormitory-style room, complete with showers, toilets, and washing facilities.

Safety and health comes first at iCamp Thailand. Since they also run international school residential trips, they have strict measures in place to make sure that every child is protected at all times. Therefore, you can relax knowing your child is in good hands.

Session Dates:

  • Session 1: June 23–29
  • Session 2: June 30–July 6
  • Session 3: July 7–13
  • Session 4: July 14–20
  • Session 5: July 21–27
  • Session 6: July 28–August 3

To reserve a spot for your child in a summer camp session, complete the form on iCamp Thailand’s website.




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