Emotion Restaurant in Asok: A symphony of European elegance and Asian Zest

Experience Emotion Restaurant’s blend of European tradition and Asian innovation

PHOTO: Emotion Restaurant

Looking for something new to spice up your dinner? Then Emotion Restaurant is exactly where you need to be. Located in Watthana, one of Bangkok’s most affluent neighbourhoods, Emotion is a European restaurant with an Asian twist. The restaurant gives you much more than a tasty meal. Here, plenty of dishes come with a mini show.

Emotion Restaurant strives to deliver maximum pleasure from the show, taste combinations, and use of fresh and high-quality ingredients. But besides the delicious food and impressive presentation, you can expect to experience comfort and excellent service as well. According to Emotion, they view their food as more than just a meal, expressing, “if you think our food is just normal food then sex is just reproduction process.”

An eclectic range of dishes on the menu

Emotion Restaurant in Asok: A symphony of European elegance and Asian Zest | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Emotion Restaurant

Dining at Emotion is sure to leave you spoilt for choice, thanks to the wide variety of dishes available on the menu. And if you’re the kind of person who wants more from a meal than just filling your stomach, then you’ll love this restaurant. All the dishes on their menu won’t only make your taste buds dance with happiness, but also give you a gorgeous visual treat.

This cosy restaurant is committed to providing you with the ultimate culinary delight, blending unique flavors and utilizing only the freshest, top-quality ingredients. Their service is as exceptional as their food, promising an all-round satisfying experience. It’s a haven for food lovers where pleasure meets comfort! Moreover, Emotion has curated a menu that brings together the best of European and Asian cuisines, so there’s something to delight everyone’s taste buds. They take pride in serving world-class dishes like Poke – a traditional Hawaiian delicacy with deep roots in the island’s history, as well as refreshing Ramen kimchi from Japan, delicious pasta bolognese and bruschetta from Tuscany, mouth-watering German hamburgers, and tender English medallions.

How Emotion prepares each dish

Ramen Kimchi

We highly suggest you begin your culinary journey at Emotion Kitchen with their unique Ramen Kimchi. This isn’t your traditional ramen, but rather a delicious fusion of European cooking methods and Asian tastes that truly embodies their distinctive style. The way they create the ramen is quite special – the broth-consommé is prepared gently over low heat, without much boiling. This results in a light and enticing broth. Moreover, served with fiery kimchi, grilled eggplants marinated in teriyaki sauce, and smoky beef cheek slices, this dish is the perfect start for your culinary journey.

Beef Cheeks

The chef brought the recipe for beef cheeks from Northern Italy. To make them tender and juicy, the chef marinates them for almost a whole day in a mix of spices, vegetables, red wine, and aged balsamic vinegar. Then, the chef bake the beef cheeks for 6 hours and serve it with mashed potatoes and a handful of Grana Padano cheese.

Signature Omelet

Signature Omelet at Emotion Restaurant
PHOTO: Signature Omelet at Emotion Restaurant

Another must try is Emotion signature omelet, which is a fluffy cloud of egg white between two thin egg yolk pancakes. Served with truffle sauce, it makes for the most delightful breakfast or brunch!

Large Wagyu Cutlet

Emotion presents a grand feast with its large Wagyu cutlet, which features two sizable beef steaks with a filling of Cheddar cheese hidden between them. This mouth-watering cutlet is then grilled to perfection and served up alongside tangy tomato sauce and crispy French fries. To further enhance the flavor, the chefs at Emotion top the cutlet with a butter blend infused with paprika, garlic, Tabasco, and an array of other spices. As this buttery topping melts over the hot cutlet, it creates an irresistible glaze that’s bursting with vibrant taste and aroma.

Poke with Salmon

You simply can’t miss out on trying the traditional Hawaiian dish, Poke with salmon, at Emotion. This delightful dish is a blend of tender salmon chunks tossed in soy sauce and sesame oil, combined with crisp fresh veggies. As a result, you’ll get a vibrant and zesty dish that will fill your senses with the enticing scent of the sea. It’s an absolute treat!

Bolognese Pasta

If you’re looking for a true classic Italian dish, try Emotion’s Bolognese Pasta. Their recipe stays true to tradition, featuring succulent beef Bolognese infused with the fragrances of aromatic spices, fresh basil, and ripe tomatoes. This rich sauce beautifully coats their delectable spaghetti. Thus, ensuring every bite is a treat for your taste buds.

Juicy Hamburger

Emotion Restaurant in Asok: A symphony of European elegance and Asian Zest | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Emotion Restaurant

Emotion’s succulent hamburger consists of high-quality beef mince, expertly seasoned and fried to achieve a golden crust. Then, they put this flavourful patty within a fluffy bun and complemented with crunchy vegetables and creamy cheese. But the best thing is that it pairs excellently with any drink, promising a satisfying meal every time.

Beef Medallions with Asparagus

Taking your first bite of Emotion’s Beef medallions with asparagus is an unforgettable experience. The beef – succulent, tender, and cooked to golden perfection – combines harmoniously with the delicate crunchiness of fresh, green asparagus. Additionally, Emotion serve the dish with a fragrant sauce and mashed potatoes, which results in contrasting textures that stimulate your palate in a way only top-notch cuisine can do.

Enjoy scrumptious meals in a laid-back setting, all at a budget-friendly price

Interior - Emotion Restaurant
PHOTO: Emotion Restaurant

Emotion Restaurant offers a cozy, relaxed atmosphere where you can unwind, enjoy delicious food, marvel at visually stunning presentations, and spend quality time with your loved ones. But the best part? The price! Emotion allows you to indulge in an amazing culinary adventure without breaking the bank. This makes it a wonderful place for romantic dates, fun family dinners, or peaceful gatherings with friends.

Everything at Emotion Restaurant is thought out to the smallest detail. They ensure that their dishes are prepared perfectly while also paying great attention to the aesthetic presentation of the food, because they know that food is an experience. It’s important to them that visiting Emotion Restaurant evokes genuine emotions in you!


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