Chiang Mai makes it into the world’s top ten locations to find a vegan burger

Being vegan may have been a bit ‘out there’ ten years ago, but in 2019 it’s all the rage and specialist vegan eating establishments are popping up around the world, including Thailand.

Dutch online moving platform decided to do some serious research into the matter, to determine the best place to find a vegan eating experience. They compiled a comprehensive in-depth report: The 100 Best Cities in the World to Eat a Vegan Burger. Chiang Mai came in at number seven!

This is the most comprehensive report on vegan burger cities so far, created over a period of six weeks, using wide-ranging data sets, and lots of real-life vegan burger-tasting experiences.

The top ten cities to find a vegan burger are…

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  1. Berlin
  2. London
  3. Los Angeles
  4. New York
  5. San Francisco
  6. Paris
  7. Chiang Mai
  8. Hamburg
  9. Copenhagen
  10. Ho Chi Minh City

The report was compiled by the ScanMovers Vegan Burger Team, with help from dozens of vegan burger fans around the world. Before they began, they needed to ask very important question: What is a vegan burger?

A vegan burger, also known as a vegan hamburger, is a burger made entirely from vegan produce.

Perhaps it is easier to list what is not considered ‘vegan’: butter, cream, eggs, cheese from cows or goats, milf from cows or goats, fish, shellfish, shrimp, lobster, gelatin, and honey. If any of these ingredients are in a vegan burger it is not really a vegan burger. It might still be a veggie burger, but not vegan.

The most common produces replacing meat in a vegan burger are: tofu, seitan, chickpeas, seaweed, tempeh, and pulled jackfruit. If that doesn’t sound delicious, what does..?

Vegan hamburgers appear to be good for many things: human health, animal welfare, CO2 emissions, and arable land (less animals = more land for mangos). If vegan burgers are so good, why isn’t everybody a vegan burger eater?

For one thing, vegan burgers are very expensive. In many cities, a vegan burger costs up to 3 times more than a meaty hamburger. This is a serious hindrance to mass market adoption of vegan burgers, but when veganism spreads further, prices will inevitably come down.

It also appears the masses are not always happy with the image of veganism, especially not the image associated with vegan-extremists, mostly found in animal rights groups. Luckily, these groups are being pushed to the fringes with the inclusion of veganism in the much more positive movement.

Here’s what the report says about the World’s Seventh Best vegan burger in Chiang Mai…

The Thai city of Chiang Mai has long been a tourism hop spot for exciting stuff like vegetarian cooking classes and healthy-mountain tea. In this respect, Chiang Mai is rather different than the rest of the country, where booze and boobs seem to matter more. In recent years, the vegan business has been booming too, with lots of new vegan restaurants opening, catering to tourists and locals alike. Chiang Mai scores with lots of vegan shops and a very friendly vegan burger price.

Full report HERE.

Chiang Mai makes it into the world's top ten locations to find a vegan burger | News by Thaiger

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