Can you eat Bangkok’s biggest burger? 6 kilos and 10,000 calories – VIDEO

PHOTO: Chris Steaks and Burgers

The gauntlet has been thrown down in Bangkok after a challenge started on You Tube to eat what is said to be the city’s biggest burger. Reuters reports that Chris Steaks and Burgers is offering diners a 10,000 baht prize if they can finish the 6 kilogram mega-burger, which is served with onion rings, bacon and mayonnaise, within nine minutes.

The 10,000 baht monster represents one baht for every calorie the meal contains. The beef version costs 2,500 baht, with the pork version coming in at 3,500 baht.

Restaurant owner Komdech Kongsuwan says he came up with the idea for the competition after seeing three customers finish the giant burger, with others arriving every day to attempt the same foodie feat.

One who sadly failed is Pakorn Porncheewangkoon, who’s not sure when his next burger will be.

“I will eat a burger at some point (in the future), but not any time soon.”

SOURCE: Reuters | Thai Visa


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