Pediatrician says lucky 1 month old baby has recovered from Covid-19

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A pediatrician is saying a 1 month old baby is incredibly lucky after recovering from the Covid-19 virus in Surat Thani province. Infectious disease doctor Suchada Ruenglerdpong says the baby boy was the youngest patient in the Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital. He allegedly contracted the virus from a family member who was infected at a funeral cluster in the province.

The baby boy was taken to the hospital because he was having trouble breathing. His parents said the boy’s chest seemed to “shrink.” Doctors said the boy had a lung infection but did not need intubation. They say he was treated the same way an adult would be treated for the coronavirus. He was given Favipiravir but was closely monitored as more side effects are possible when giving the medicine to a baby.

Once he was recovered, the grandparents came to pick him up from the hospital. The family wanted to share their story of how the baby made a full recovery from Covid-19. They say they hope his story will encourage those to take extra precautions for Covid while outside. The doctor also warned families that is not safe for children under 2 years old to wear a mask. According to Thai Residents, the family did not enter any high-risk areas, but the grandparents went to a funeral, where they allegedly caught the virus. There was no news reported on whether the grandparents were okay after catching the virus, but as they picked up the baby from the hospital, it appears they have also made a full recovery.

Meanwhile, Bangkok and Thailand’s provinces have accumulated another 9,635 infections and 25 Covid-related deaths. 6,853 of today’s total is from Bangkok prisons. If you take the new prison cases out of the equation, there has been an additional 2,782 cases for the Monday report.

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SOURCE: Thai Residents

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