Over 100,000 Thai students didn’t show up to class

There were over 100,000 students who didn’t turn up for class when schools in Thailand returned last week after a long break because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But Education Minister Trinuch Thienthong vowed to get kids back and says the department is joining forces with other organisations, including the police, to make sure it happens.

Students living in rural areas will get free schooling and tuition at nearly 90 schools across the country. The project aims to reduce student drop-out, and it will help 5,000 kids each year, according to the Education Minister.

“We estimate that up to 120,000 children have left school during Covid-19 and are unable to continue their education after lockdowns were lifted due to family problems and other factors. So far, we have reached out to about 95,000 children and expect to convince them to come back to schools by June to continue their education.”

The ministry launched a Ministry of Education Safety Centre, which can be reached through phone or social networking apps such as Line to reduce the number of drops related to troubles in school.

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“Parents and students can use these channels to directly alert the ministry of problems at schools such as bullying, harassment, or other safety issues, and officials will investigate promptly.”

SOURCE: The Nation

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