Army pursues those claiming they brought Covid-19 to Thailand

PHOTO: The Thai Army denies a rumour they brought Covid-19 into Thailand. (via Wikipedia)

The Royal Thai Army is fighting on a very different battleground today as they vowed to take action against a rumour online that they were responsible for letting Covid-19 into Thailand. The allegations are being made on Thai social media that an army medical research facility first brought the Coronavirus into the country and it spread from there.

Channel 7 News reported yesterday that the army called these claims fake news and emphatically denied their research centres had any involvement in Covid-19 penetrating the borders of Thailand. They intend to pursue legal action against the social media pages disseminating this rumour. They also recommend everyone check sensational allegations before making wild accusations.

The facility in question is a large compound opposite Ramathibodi Hospital in Bangkok that houses the Armed Forces Institute of Medical Sciences, a facility that the Royal Thai Army insists is a modern medical centre with 400 Thai and American well-trained staff on-site.

The institute has had a partnership with the World Health Organisation to address new diseases since 2005. It has been home to research into communicable diseases in Thailand and the Southeast Asian region, studying how to fight these diseases.

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They intend to defend the reputation of the facilities and fight strongly against any sources that attempt to propagate fake news and claims that they are the original source of Covid-19 in Thailand.


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