5-month old baby astonishes by feeding itself, caught on home CCTV (video)

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In an unusual household occurrence, a five month old Vietnamese baby surprised its parents by feeding itself with a bottle, an action typically unachievable at such a young age. The extraordinary moment was captured by a residential CCTV camera and subsequently shared on social media networks.

In the shared fragments of CCTV footage, the infant is seen waking up at around 5am in a dimly lit bedroom. Spotting a milk bottle placed nearby, the baby struggles to reach it independently, without crying or waking its parents. Following a few attempts, the baby successfully grasps the bottle in its hands; it then manages to remove the lid and swaps the pacifier it was sucking with the bottle’s teat. The baby lays calmly, feeding itself.

In the midst of this, the baby’s mother woke up coincidently. Before anything else, she checks on her baby and is astounded to see the infant feeding itself from the bottle. She rushes to wake her husband to share the moment. The baby’s father, equally amazed, couldn’t trust his own eyes. Ultimately, both parents had to authenticate the happening through another verification from the CCTV footage. They were dumbfounded by their child’s actions, grasping the milk bottle, removing its lid, and ultimately feeding itself, a sequence of events completed in just one minute, reported Sanook.

As soon as the footage was posted on social media platforms, it generated plenty of attention. The majority of the comments admitted that without visual proof, it would have been hard to believe a five month old baby could independently drink milk from the bottle in such a way. Nonetheless, some netizens pointed out that babies often have a habit of putting things into their mouths, hence proving it is a routine action for an infant to place a milk bottle into its mouth for feeding.

While some netizens cautioned parents to not allow their children to consume milk left untouched for over three hours, as it could be detrimental to their health, the clip’s owner explained that due to the child’s tender age of five months, they had never anticipated a scenario where the child could take the bottle itself to drink.

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