She ate 3KG of chicken and rice in just 35 minutes | GMT

The latest episode of the popular talkshow, Good Morning Thailand was full of exciting stories from around the country. The show began with a remarkable story from Bangkok. A Taiwanese woman, who had been living in the city for the past few months, recently won a 3kg chicken rice eating challenge. She managed to finish the entire meal in less than an hour, to the amazement of the crowd.

The show then moved on to the announcement of a new route from Bangkok Airways. The airline will be launching a new route from Koh Samui to Hong Kong, which is sure to be a hit with tourists and business travelers alike.

The show then featured an important announcement from Thailands leading Muslim cleric. He declared the start of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting and prayer for Muslims around the world.

Finally, the show featured a story from Pattaya. 16 Chinese tourists had accused their Thai tour guides of abandoning them in the city. The tourists were stranded for several days before they were able to find their way back to their hotels.

Overall, the latest episode ofThailand Today was full of exciting stories from around the country. From a Taiwanese woman winning a chicken rice eating challenge, to Bangkok Airways launching a new route, to the start of Ramadan, and a group of Chinese tourists being stranded in Pattaya, the show had something for everyone.


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