Phuket gets green light for Songkran water splashing | GMT

This week’s episode of the talkshow is sure to be an exciting one! We’ll be discussing some of the most interesting news stories from around Thailand.

First, we’ll be talking about the ancient Buddhist stupa that has emerged from the Mekong river in Thailand. This is an incredible archaeological find that has been the source of much excitement in the region.

Next, we’ll be discussing the news that Bali is banning foreigners from renting motorbikes. This is a controversial move that has been met with both praise and criticism.

We’ll also be talking about the frenzied police officer who was finally detained 24 hours after opening fire in Bangkok. This is a shocking story that has been making headlines around the world.

We’ll also be discussing the Patong Police bust of 7 people for allegedly illegally processing cannabis buds. This is a major story that has been making waves in the region. Finally,

we’ll be discussing the Phuket taxi driver who was praised after returning a Louis Vuitton bag to a tourist, and Phuket getting the green light for Songkran water splashing. These are two uplifting stories that are sure to put a smile on your face.

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