Ice ice baby! Social Egg Freezing arrives in Thailand

Could 2019 be the year of the egg?

It may very well be thanks to a recent growing trend into “social egg freezing.” For less than $3 a day a major healthcare provider could see many infertile patients reaping the rewards.

According to recent reports, Borderless Healthcare Group are set to launch their unique fertility services in the Thai capital. This will allow women to play a far greater role in fertility management. Dubbed the “Egg Capital” of the world, Thailand will now be involved in this artificial intelligence powered avatar that is due for release before summer 2019.

Available at xy life, this specific avatar will have the ability to speak to millions of women globally who have a common goal in social egg freezing.

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So how does it work?

Women submit data based on detailed social, biological and psychological aspects. Consequently, the avatar will be able to dispense a tailored “pay as you freeze” financial plan regarding an overall fertility plan.

This brand-new pay as you freeze Eco-system could prove to be essential for many individuals looking to have children or are unable to due to infertility. And the facts don’t lie. With nearly 2 billion millennials around the world there is a new phenomenon when it comes to personal fertility management.

“Besides delayed marriage and childbearing, many millennials face new infertility threats from work stress, unbalanced lifestyle, disturbed sleep-wake cycles, and other causes. Providing them with insights into fertility preservation such as fertility functional diet, toxicity avoidance tips and options like social egg freezing before infertility kicks in, will be very helpful to them,” says Dr Wei Siang Yu, founder of Borderless Healthcare Group.

Darren Lyons of MyMediTravel believes this could be just as important in the long term for handling infertility;

“With 1 in 6 couples struggling with fertility, there seems to be a growing market for so called social egg freezing. As a woman gets older, this is often linked to infertility issues. Whilst a 30 year old female has a 9 in 10 chance of conceiving, by her mid-thirties this drops to just 5 in 10. By the time she reaches 40 years of age, this decreases to 4 in 10, so I can see a lot of scope for this new form of reproductive asset scheme.”

Due to popular demand there has already been a broad selection of doctors who have signed up to this brand-new idea. As this specific notion gathers pace, it is believed that a variety of global experts from various sectors will also join forces. This will be in order to educate, inform and spearhead numerous cyrobanking centers from the fields of technology, fertility, as well as several media firms.

Thailand has fast become one of the world leaders as far as medical tourism is concerned. As a result of this exclusive initiative it will certainly position the country as a major player in fertility management that will no doubt attract many more medical tourists to Thailand over the next twelve months.



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