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    Thai actor demands unpaid fees from series producers

    Thai actor Atagorn Sonyot bravely confronted the producers of a series he starred in over unpaid acting fees. The actor’s public outcry for justice not only resonated with fans but also highlighted the plight of actors in the entertainment industry. Atagorn, better known as Tor, took to his personal Twitter account on Tuesday to express his frustration, questioning when he…

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    Thai condo owner discovers shocking state after foreign tenants leave

    A landlord issued a warning to others after some foreign tenants trashed a luxury condominium in Thailand. The discovery was made by the owner of the condo when she was contacted by the management of the building due to the tenants’ unpaid electricity bills. TikTok user @fang_pacara posted a cautionary tale for landlords after she found her property in a…

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    Thai textile factory ordered to pay 19 million baht in overdue wages to workers

    Textile factory workers in Thailand’s central Samut Prakan province are set to receive 19.33 million baht in unpaid wages, plus 15% interest, after labour authorities intervened on their behalf. The factory operator has been ordered to expedite the payment process for approximately 109 workers who had not received their full wages between July 2020 and April this year. These workers…