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    Thailand Covid insurance for Thailand Pass

    Press Release One of the most important requirements for visitors to Thailand now that the old rules have been lifted is the COVID-19 insurance plan for foreigners, which covers at least $10,000. In addition to meeting all the other requirements, the traveller must also have a valid visa and a Thailand Pass. This health insurance is an extra safety measure to…

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    Deadline to apply for “Covid” visa extension now May 24, immigration gets stricter

    The deadline to apply for the 60-day “Covid” visa extension scheme has been pushed back another two months. The deadline was set for last Friday, March 25, but Thai Immigration quietly pushed the deadline back to May 24 (as they have in the past). No formal announcement was made, but a signed document was leaked by expats on social media.…

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    Thailand News Today | More competition for thai taxis!

    A leading epidemiologist has questioned Thailand’s rush to declare Covid endemic as infections and deaths surge. Dr. Chakrarat, director of the Bureau of Epidemiology, is suggesting officials slow down a bit, as he casts doubt on the wisdom of trying to declare the virus endemic by July 1. Despite raising the country’s alert level to level 4 on February 21,…

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    Deadline this Friday to apply for 60-day “Covid” visa extension

    This Friday is the deadline to apply for the 60-day “Covid” visa extension, which is no longer offered to those on a Non-Immigrant Visa under the latest order. The extension is intended for those who cannot return to their home countries due to the pandemic and the deadline has been pushed back numerous times, without any formal announcements from the…

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    Thailands new long term 10 year visa for wealthy foreigners & Digital nomads

    Thailand is offering new long term 10 year visa for wealthy foreigners and digital nomads. What are the specifics and regulations regarding this visa? Is it going to be similar to the smart visa plan? Where do the digital nomads fit in all of this? Tim sits with Ben Hart from Integrity legal to find out more.

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    Thailand approves plan to attract highly-skilled foreign workers, investors, wealthy retirees

    Measures aimed at attracting wealthy long-stay foreigners to Thailand have been approved in principle by Cabinet. The government is targeting foreign investors, highly-skilled professionals and wealthy retirees in a bid to develop the Covid-battered economy. Long-term residence visas of up to 10 years are on offer, along with work permits for those who qualify, according to Thai PBS World. Government…

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    How do you get permanent residency in Thailand?

    What is the point of getting permanent residency in Thailand? What are the benefits of having such a document? What are the things you can and can’t do? What is the criteria for being able to apply for a PR? Find out more in todays episode where Tim sits down with Benjamin Hart from Integrity Legal to talk about the…

  • Tourism

    Thai aviation sector calls for visa waiver for international travellers

    Thailand’s aviation sector is calling on the government to introduce a visa waiver scheme for international arrivals to boost demand. The Airlines Association of Thailand says global competition for tourists is getting tough and the government needs to do more to attract international visitors. “We are in a fierce competition as every country needs tourists to cushion the economic impact.…

  • Crime

    Two arrested for allegedly kidnapping a woman, posting video her tied up on TikTok

    A Burmese man and woman were arrested for allegedly kidnapping another Burmese woman, and then posting a video of her with her ankles chained and hands tied on the social media platform TikTok. The suspects allegedly abducted the woman, who is said to be a popular social media influencer among Burmese netizens, in Pathum Thani, which is north of Bangkok. …

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    Thai Immigration launches online 90 day report system

    A new online system for 90-day checks with immigration has been launched by Thailand’s Immigration Bureau. Online 90-day reporting has been glitchy in the past… So let us know how it worked for you. A confirmation could come through hours after applying. And be sure to check the spam folder. You can register at Foreigners who are permitted to…

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    Is Bangkok Sinking? Thailand wants wealthy foreigners | Good Morning Thailand LIVE | Ep. 127

    In today’s episode Jay, Tim and Caitlin talk with Mike regarding his success and failure with the Thailand Pass. The Flooding in Bangkok that is devastating some areas. Thailand trying to attract wealthy foreigners and social media outrage in Thailand.

  • Visa

    Government officials meet to discuss long-term visa options for foreigners

    A government spokesman says the Thai PM has met with several members of his cabinet to discuss long-term residency options for foreigners. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana says PM Prayut Chan-o-cha is currently in talks with a number of ministries and relevant agencies as to how to attract more foreign investment to the kingdom. The Bangkok Post reports that the PM met yesterday…

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    New deadline to apply for Covid visa extension confirmed as November 26

    Thai immigration officials have confirmed that the deadline for a so-called Covid visa extension has been moved to November 26. The previous deadline was September 27. The new date means foreigners in the Kingdom can avail of permission to remain until early next year, at a cost of 1,900 baht. The Covid visa extension scheme came into force last year…

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    Thai cabinet approves new visa package to lure wealthy expats and digital nomads

    The government is forging ahead with a new visa package that targets rich expats, in an attempt to inject some foreign money into an economy decimated by Covid-19. The package will include attractive perks, such as a 10-year visa that covers not just the individual, but their spouse and children too. It also partially addresses the so-called digital nomads – people…

  • Crime

    Thai immigration official transferred amid allegations of bribery

    A Thai immigration official has been transferred and an investigation launched following allegations of corruption. The officer is accused of demanding regular bribes from an immigrant in the Hat Yai district of Songkhla, in southern Thailand. Officers from Immigration Division 6 have now launched an investigation into the claims. They insist the investigation will be transparent and impartial, adding that…

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    Hat Yai immigration officer investigated for alleged extortion

    Immigration police are investigating an officer in Songkhla’s Hat Yai district for alleged extortion after an audio clip of an officer asking an immigrant for a monthly fee was shared on a watchdog Facebook page. A committee has been set up by Immigration Division 6 to investigate the case and to determine whether an immigration officer was involved. The division says the…

  • Pattaya

    American charged after not wearing a face mask at a Taco Bell in Pattaya

    A 33 year old American man was recently charged for not wearing a face mask at a Taco Bell in Pattaya. Earlier this month, the expat and another foreign resident got into a heated argument at the soft opening of Taco Bell over whether to wear face masks while in line to order at the fast-food restaurant. After being confronted…

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    Public warned about immigration police impersonators asking for bribes

    The Thai Immigration Bureau is warning foreign residents and the general public to be careful of people who are impersonating as immigration police officers and asking for bribes or other payments. Apparently, the people posing as immigration officers are approaching individual foreigners and are inspecting establishments like factories, which tend to employ migrant workers. If approached by someone claiming to…

  • Crime

    Alleged leaders of a drug cartel in Germany arrested in Phuket and Koh Pha Ngan

    The suspected leaders of a European drug trafficking network arrested by Thai police this week had reportedly been living in Thailand for several years as fugitives. Reports say German officials had filed an Interpol red notice for their arrest in a crackdown where 20 people allegedly involved in the drug trafficking operation were arrested in Germany. Allegedly, they were trafficking…

  • Visa

    Finance Ministry challenges tax cut proposal for holders of new long-stay visa

    A proposal to introduce a long-stay visa for 4 target groups of foreigners has already hit a hitch, with the Finance Ministry pushing back against a suggested tax rate of 17% on local earnings. The ministry argues that the reduced rate will affect government revenue. Under the proposal, wealthy foreign nationals could apply for a special visa that would permit…

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    60-day “Covid” visa extension now allows stays until late September

    Foreigners who are stuck in Thailand, either by choice or because they cannot return to their home country due to the pandemic, can now stay in the “Land of Smiles” until late September. The Thai Immigration Bureau recently announced that the deadline to apply for the 60-day “Covid” visa extension has been pushed from May 29 to July 29, now…

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    Thai Immigration says online system for 90 day reports is back up and running

    The Thai Immigration’s online system for 90 day checks for foreigners living in Thailand is back up and running. So we’re told anyway. Expats should now be able to report their address every 3 months online rather than in person or by mail. The announcement was made on the immigration bureau’s Facebook page and was written in Thai. Just yesterday,…