VERSO – The school that equips students with future-ready skills

Photo Via: VERSO International School Bangkok

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If you are looking for an international school in Bangkok that is focused on developing students with future-ready skills and mindsets that they need in order to work in a variety of settings anywhere in the world, you have come to the right place!

VERSO International School is a pioneering, innovative, and design-driven school that equips students with future-ready skills and a creative, problem-solving mindset in order to prepare them for the dynamic developing landscape that their future will bring. The world is changing faster than it has ever been in history. Learning is evolving, new career pathways are emerging, and the world of work is changing.

VERSO is unique in the intention and design that has been put into the learning spaces, the way the curriculum is organized, how their staff is recruited and how everyone works in a design team.

The school is very focused on the future and on equipping students with a variety of skills, with an emphasis on the cognitive ability to think like a designer. And because the design is about problem solving, VERSO is developing competent, capable, and confident problem solvers, a skill that students can take with them wherever they go.

VERSO follows a US curriculum aligned to the New York State Learning Standards with an emphasis on learning that is interdisciplinary, project-based, and personalized. At VERSO, students are taught decision-making skills and are provided with opportunities to “share their learning through regular public exhibitions and showcase events.” VERSO is also the first international school in Thailand to join the Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC), a growing network of schools in the US and internationally that are introducing a digital high school transcript that will reflect the unique skills, strengths and interests of each learner rather than traditional grades and scores. VERSO can also provide a traditional American high school transcript upon graduation for any student that needs one.

Below is an overview of VERSO international school so keep reading.

Why choose VERSO?

VERSO offers future-ready curriculum

From Early Years to Grade 12, VERSO offers a comprehensive, robust, and challenging academic curriculum, with an emphasis on the development and application of skills and knowledge that students will need to flourish in an increasingly disruptive and uncertain world. Students will develop into well-rounded young adults capable of solving problems promptly and creatively. To put it another way, to be ready for all kinds of future possibilities.

Cameron Fox, Founding Head of VERSO International School explains that “It’s about finding new pathways and building opportunities for students to see how the work we do in school is relevant for their future. We want our students to see learning as meaningful, purposeful and how their work at school can be applied to the real world.

Students will learn techniques that will enable them to successfully approach local people and form meaningful connections. They’ll be able to network with entrepreneurs, organizations, startups, and established companies. As a result, they are able to grow with the community in which they are located. ”

Project-based environment

Project-Based Learning is embraced as a fundamental teaching approach at VERSO, and students spend 70% of their time actively engaged in real-world and personally relevant projects that involve them in a rigorous solution-finding process.

Students will be able to display, showcase, explain, or exhibit their knowledge and abilities to an authentic audience. As a result of this process, students develop deep topic knowledge, critical thinking, and a variety of collaborative, creative, and communication skills.

Project-based learning gives students the freedom to investigate and uncover questions that are important to them. It improves academic understanding, broadens skill sets, and fosters a positive attitude toward learning.

VERSO - The school that equips students with future-ready skills | News by Thaiger
Photo Via: VERSO International School Bangkok

Design Thinking

Students at VERSO are taught to think and act like designers. At VERSO, teachers are called Learning Designers because they have a shared responsibility to design unique and engaging learning experiences for students. The learning spaces, curriculum, pedagogy, and rituals were all designed with the human-centred approach of design thinking in mind, and it has become ingrained in the teaching and a part of the school’s DNA. This is something that no other international school offers, and it is what distinguishes VERSO as a unique international school.

Students might be placed in a learning environment with three learning designers, where one is a musician, one is a chef, and one is a biologist. You can imagine what kinds of projects or ideas might emerge from bringing together experts from various fields.

Studies have proven that design thinking increases student engagement and achievement. Students are able to take charge of their learning and make meaningful connections between what they learn in the classroom and what it means for their lives.

VERSO - The school that equips students with future-ready skills | News by Thaiger
Photo Via: VERSO International School Bangkok

VERSO provides world-class facilities

The school’s cutting-edge facilities were created to support VERSO’s bold vision for the future of education. The campus is a living ecosystem that connects buildings and areas to the surrounding environment. Its innovative architecture complements VERSO’s sense of flow and mobility, resulting in an interconnected network of zones, levels, and locations which provide an inspiring learning environment.

VERSO’s world-class facilities include an Olympic-size swimming pool, a 1,000-seat sports stadium, an indoor 1300-seat arena, a fitness room, a FIFA-standard hybrid grass soccer pitch, two outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts, a gymnastic studio, a state-of-the-art media arts studio with a band room, recording studio, music room, dance studio, and a blackbox theatre, robotics labs, science labs and maker spaces.

VERSO - The school that equips students with future-ready skills | News by Thaiger
Photo Via: VERSO International School Bangkok

Empowering young people with these skills and opportunities can be a life-changing experience for them. VERSO believes that its future graduates will continue to seek innovative ways to make a difference, be lifelong learners who are imaginative and ambitious, and drive change in the future.

For more information on VERSO International School Bangkok, click HERE.

VERSO is currently accepting applications for the VERSO Scholarship Program for students in Grades 5-11. The deadline is 4 March 2022. For more information, please visit or call 02-080-6200 to schedule a tour.

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