A2D Ventures Forges Strategic Partnership with The Urban Office Thailand to Empower Southeast Asian Entrepreneurs

A2D Ventures, Southeast Asia’s prominent early-stage venture capital firm and angel investing platform facilitating connections between angel investors, family offices, and venture capitalists with early-stage startups across the region, proudly announces its partnership with The Urban Office Thailand. Renowned for its commitment to providing flexible workspace solutions tailored to startups at every phase of their growth journey, The Urban Office Thailand is set to become the exclusive workspace partner of A2D Ventures, fostering a vibrant ecosystem for Southeast Asian entrepreneurs to thrive.

Established in 2023, A2D Ventures is a Bangkok-based venture capital firm dedicated to nurturing early-stage founders in their quest to build high-potential startups. The firm’s online platform, A2D, has been instrumental in revolutionizing community-led early-stage startup investing in Southeast Asia, addressing fragmentation and democratizing access to venture capital. Since its inception in June 2023, A2D has emerged as one of the region’s fastest-growing platforms, backing numerous early-stage founders.

By simplifying the startup investing process through a user-friendly digital platform, A2D empowers angel investors and family offices to seamlessly discover, evaluate, and co-invest in the region’s most promising startups alongside reputable VCs. By lowering the knowledge gap, broadening access to venture investing, and minimizing entry barriers, A2D Ventures facilitates a conducive environment for fostering innovation and growth.

A2D Ventures’ rigorous pre-vetting process and seasoned team ensure that investors are presented with meticulously curated investment opportunities, while founders benefit from a supportive community of mentors, expanded network access, growth acceleration tools, and corporate partnership initiatives. The firm not only facilitates entry into the venture capital landscape but also provides investors with the necessary tools and resources to make informed decisions, thereby mitigating risks and maximizing value creation.

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The team’s diverse expertise draws upon consumer technology, business development, growth strategy, angel investing, and venture capital, with backgrounds in renowned organizations such as Shopee, McKinsey, ECG Venture Capital, Triumph Motorcycles, and Avareum.

“We are delighted to join forces with The Urban Office Thailand as our exclusive workspace partner and a new home for our growing team. Their commitment to providing unparalleled opportunities, fostering meaningful connections, and nurturing a supportive community aligns perfectly with our vision for empowering visionary founders on their entrepreneurial journey,” Ankit Upadhyay, Founder and General Partner at A2D Ventures.

“We are thrilled to partner with A2D Ventures, a beacon of innovation and support for early-stage startups in Southeast Asia. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide a dynamic and resource-rich environment for entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and thrive. Together, we are creating a vibrant ecosystem where groundbreaking ideas can flourish and visionary founders can achieve their full potential,” Trinh Danh, Co-Founder & Managing Director at The Urban Office Thailand

A2D Ventures Forges Strategic Partnership with The Urban Office Thailand to Empower Southeast Asian Entrepreneurs | News by Thaiger

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