Thai Tabien Baan

Verify your property and register your name under your address in Thailand.


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Get your Thai Tabien Baan quickly and easily online. We’ll help you to meet all of the criteria set out by the Thai government with our step by step guide and walk you through all of the procedures.

What is the Thai Tabien Baan?

The Thai Tabien Baan or Thai house book is an administrative document to verify your address in Thailand. It can be a useful document as it registers everyone at an address. However, it doesn’t confirm the ownership of a property but registers anyone residing at the address.

With a Thai Tabien Baan, you will receive a unique ID number, which is useful for dealing with certain government agencies. Without it, banks and government departments will use your passport number.

Procedure to get a Thai Tabien Baan

Wondering how to get a Thai Tabien Baan? Below are the general steps of applying a Thai Tabien Baan for foreigners.

Prepare required document

First of all, you need to prepare all the required documents. Having all of your documents ready in one place will make the entire process faster.

Submit your registration

Send all the documents to our team, so we can review it and ensure that it will be approved. Then, we will submit your application.

Get registered

Your application is done and your address is now registered. You can now take your Thai Tabien Baan!

Why Should You Get a Thai Tabien Baan?

Many foreigners living in Thailand don’t bother registering for a Thai Tabien Baan due to a lack of awareness. However, it does provide numerous benefit that will make your life in Thailand easier. Here are some of the benefits.

Provide a Unique ID Number

A Thai Tabien Baan provides a unique ID number for foreigners, which is useful to deal with certain government services. When you submit forms at any Thai government office, you need a translated copy of a document that proves where you live in Thailand. Without a Thai Tabien Baan, this document needs to be issued by your country’s embassy in Bangkok at your own expense. However, if you have a Thai Tabien Baan, it will take care of this for you.

Replaces Your Passport

Banks and government agencies usually use your passport number. However, if your passport expires and you replace it, the new passport number won’t match your previous records on the bank or government agency. While it may seem minor, it can cause major hassles.

You can use the ID Number Everywhere Else

Besides government agencies and banks, you can use the ID number to get a Thai driver’s license, securing a mobile phone contract, applying for satellite TV service, or even getting supermarket rewards.


If you own a property in Thailand and have a Tabien Baan that lists the owners’ name of the property, you may not need to pay a business tax of 3.3% on the sale of the property as long as your name has been in there for a minimum of one year and you have owned the property for at least 5 years.

It’s free!

Yes, it does involve a bit of bureaucracy to apply for a Thai Tabien Baan, but it’s free, and it gives you many benefits! Besides, we are here to help you deal with the complex bureaucracy.

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Needed proof of address getting a Thai Tabean Bann is the best solution

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Good for foreigners holding a ‘Temporary Stay’ visa like me.

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Was recommended by a friend.

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Great staff were polite, professional, and efficient. Would recommend getting this servicece.

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wasnt sure at first if it was really nessesary to get a Thai Tabiean Ban but makes things alot easier with Thai government services.

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Got a Thai Tabiean Ban to go with my Thai Permenamt Residentship

Evie Kline

Types of Thai Tabien Baan

There are two types of Thai Tabien Baan: the blue book and the yellow book. They have different purposes and qualifications.

The blue Tabien Baan or blue house registration book, also known as Thor.Ror.14, is for Thai nationals. In some cases, it may also be issued for foreign nationals with official permanent residency in Thailand. It is usually left empty when a foreigner owns property unless Thai nationals move in their permanent address.

Key Points

  • The standard Tabien Baan issued.
  • For Thai citizens.
  • For foreigners with official permanent residency.

Also known as Thor.Ror.13, this Thai Tabien Baan is for foreigners who meet specific criteria. It allows foreigners with valid visas to be registered into the national registry system in Thailand.


  • For foreigners without permanent residency in Thailand.
  • Can be exchanged for the blue book, with specific requirements.
  • Mainly used to verify foreigners address.

The Thai Tabien Baan Makes Life in Thailand Easier.

I recommend for you guys to apply for the Thai Tabien Baan. It absolutely makes my life easier in many activities. The Thaiger helped me apply for it. Everything is so easy. You may hear that the process was long and confusing, but not with The Thaiger. They truly helped me to save a lot of time.

Top tip: Save your time and let experts help you with the process.

Required documents for Thai Tabien Baan registration

These are what you need to prepare to apply for a Thai Tabien Baan.

1. Visa – If you are a foreigner without a permanent residency, you need to submit your non-immigration visa and 2 passport-sized photos

2. Work permit – Additional documents for people who work in Thailand.

3. Married certificate – Additional for people who married with Thai citizen or permanent residency.

4. Property title deed – Document to show the rights over the property from the land department.

5 .Land related documents – Other related documents about the property.

6 .Construction permit – You may receive a construction permit from the Land Department. The contractor typically requests a construction permit for the building.

7. Witnesses – 2 Thai citizen witnesses (over 20 years old).

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Thai Tabiean Baan with The Thaiger.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Thai Tabian Ban

You should do a report police station and renew your Ta Tabian Ban and pay the fee at the district office.

Normally constructors will get a construction permit for their work. So you will just need to hire and construction company.

Thai Tabian Ban can’t be used as collateral, if you want to mortgage your property as collateral. Mortgage collateral requires title deeds.

Registering in Bangkok is suitable for those who apply for Thai citizenship via marriage or permanent residency paths, as it will allow a dedicated Police Special branch naturalization unit to process your application.

While in each Thesaban or Amphoe, the conditions for applying for a yellow book vary, most of the necessary documents are the same. To double-check what’s needed at your local Amphoe, it might be worth calling or visiting the office first. Here’s a list of what you need.

-Your old blue book

-Your current passport

-Your work permit if applicable

-Your marriage certificate if applicable with Thai wife’s ID card and her blue house book

-If you’re renting or leasing, your agreement together with the ID of your landlord, and his or her blue Tabien Baan

If the foreigner meets one of the following requirements, it is also possible to request a yellow booklet:

-Holding a non-immigrant visa

-Having obtained temporary residence in the Thai Kingdom as a special case in accordance with the law on immigration and the declaration of the Cabinet (known as the Ministry of Interior’s Announcement on 1 February 2018, re Permission to Some Alien for Stay in Thailand as a Special Case)

-A foreigner whose child or children are born within the Thai Kingdom.

For Thais, the official proof of their residential address is the blue book. This is the address confirmation most authorities would need when buying a car, opening a bank account, or even applying for visas to travel abroad.

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