Moving To Thailand: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Check what you might want to know about moving and living in Thailand from frequently asked questions for preparing your life in Thailand.

What do I need to do if I want to live in Thailand without dealing with visas?

Many people who live and ever deal with visa and immigration in Thailand is complicated. However, to avoid dealing with those things. There many ways to live in Thailand and keep those annoying and complex paperwork and visa activities away from you.

The first and easiest way and need a little of your effort is a Thai Elite Visa. It gets you 5 to 20 years in Thailand without having to deal with any complicated bureaucracy. It also offers you a lot of benefits along with this visa. You don’t need to follow any conditions; just pay the application fee.

The second way is a Permanent Residence. It allows you to permanently live in Thailand without applying for a visa extension and come with much more benefits. However, getting a permanent residency have the requirements and condition that you have to follow.

The third way is Thai Citizenship. It makes you can stay in Thailand permanently. You can enjoy the same benefits as Thai people born in Thailand, and exactly you need to follow the requirements and conditions to get it.


  • Thai Elite Visa is the easiest and just pay only the application fee.
  • Thai permanent residence allows you to live in Thailand permanently.
  • Thai Citizenship offers you to hold Thai nationality.

How can I deal with culture shock?

First, you must realize that you move from the place where you were born to the other different side of the world to deal with culture shock. You should reset your mindset that things will be different and all things will be new for you, even your daily life. Try not to expect people and things to work in the same way as you were familiar with. It would be best if you let yourself enjoy the new experiences.

It should be better if I get my own car?

If you’re living in Bangkok, having a car isn’t sounds a good idea because traffic and parking difficulty will annoy you. In public transport in Bangkok quite convenient. But if you live somewhere like Phuket or Chaing Mai, having a car is quite good. Meanwhile, scooters are also a popular choice for transportation. It might be a bit scary at first, but you will feel free and comfortable to travel around the town you live in when you are used to it.

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Where should I live in Bangkok?

Several places in Bangkok cater to expats. Your preferred location would, of course, The answer is determined by where you work, your lifestyle, and your leisure activities. When searching for a place to rent, access to a bus line should be a primary concern—their many choices for you in Bangkok.

Our first recommendation is Sathorn. It’s full of high-end hotels and fine dining, making it a popular business professional destination. Then there’s Sukhumvit. It has many excellent coffee shops, a lot of nightlife, many trendy malls, and many popular restaurants. Thonglor also seems to be interesting as well. It is fashionable, has wonderful nightlife, and is located in a central area. Ekkemai is only one BTS stop away from Thonglor, but real estate is more accessible.

However, the better way is you should compare your demand and the location to live. You should find the one that fits your lifestyle, and it should close to your work. It will save a lot of your money from transportation cost.

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Where can I get a sim card in Thailand?

Getting a sim card in Thailand is very easy. You can get it from anywhere in Thailand. You can find a sim card at the airport that you will land, a convenience store, a shopping mall, or even some grocery shop. The most efficient way to get a sim card if you are new in Thailand is the service centres from each provider. They will give provide and offer many different sim card package options for you.

How can I get the internet?

You can buy internet services from many providers in Thailand. All you need is to contact their service centres, and they will offer you different packages and speed for you. They will provide you with all the processes from installing until after services. You may also contact the same provider that you get your sim card.

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