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Why choose the Thaiger to get a Financial Advisor?

Thaiger offers a convenient service through an online platform to help you connect with the best financial advisor that matches your financial requirement and investment in Thailand faster and easier—no more wasting your time searching for providers. Let skip the unnecessary process and get a shortcut to meet your business goals in Thailand.

What is a Financial Advisor?

A financial advisor is a professional in financial, economic, and investment. The major role of financial advisors is to give advice and help you make decisions or offer options about what you should do with the money, which mostly involves investments. They have expert knowledge and strong experiences in finance to support your business and investment that will formulate a financial strategy to achieve the financial goals.

Furthermore, a financial advisor advises your investment decision and guides the company about savings, budget, insurance, and tax strategies. Besides, they will help the business evaluate the current situation to achieve the future goals and operate the business according to the plan and strategy.

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What a Financial Advisor can do for you

A financial advisor is your business planning partner. Absolutely, a financial advisor offers you financial advice and gives additional advantages to your business. Therefore, the information below is what financial advice services will offer you.

Helping you to succeed in financial

The main goal of the service will aim to support your investment to reach long-term success.

Expertise plan

The advisor will guide you with more expert business options and manage the budget than you making a decision alone.


A financial advisor will guild to you track buying a stock when the value is raised or selling all your stock funds when the market plummets, etc.

Financial improvement

They will give you suggestions about the best strategies from what investments to make or what financial support you should have to improve your finance.

Adjust and develop the financial plan

A financial advisor will ensure and adjust your financial plan to always suit the current situation and deploy the money to the best option.

When should you have Financial Advice?

A financial advisor can suggest improvements to your plan that might help you achieve your goals more effectively. However, it would better if you approached a financial advisor even when you’re feeling financially secure, but you want someone to ensure you’re on the right track. If you don’t have the time or interest to manage your finances, that’s another good reason to hire a financial advisor. However, these the signs that tell it necessary to have a financial advice service.

Consider consistently losing money from investment

As you know, investment always comes with a change to loss. Unfortunately, many experienced investors also could lose their money when the market is down or when the result doesn’t come out as expected. However, investing could significantly increase your income. Hiring and retaining the assistance of an expert financial advisor will help you figure out what you’re doing wrong and fix it before it’s too late is also a good decision for your business.

Need guidance to invest

Investing is one of the best ways to grow your money, but many people don’t know how to invest or what should invest. If you plan to invest and expect to succeed but have no experience, a financial advisor is what you need.

Need an asset plan management

A financial advisor may also assist you with setting up an asset plan to ensure that your assets are managed according to your wishes until you pass away. A financial advisor may also advise you if you are not properly insured or uncertain of what you require to insured your assets. Obviously, apart from an insurance provider, a financial advisor will also be an unbiased opinion.

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Many services you can apply on the thaiger, the one that I’m interested in is Marriage Registration, I enquired a few ago and got the callback, thank you the thaiger.

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Thank you for you services, customer service reponded very fast and help me massviely



The lady spoke very good english, got astraight to the point and helped me with what i needed thank you the thaiger team!

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Used this serverice and everything was good and on time. Learn a lot of things that I didn’t know before hand, thank you Khun Pon.

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Good addtion to the thaiger, lots of good articles about this service, will inquire now to see if i will be able to get some help.

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Good to get some clear information for once, but will want more information before deciding what to do next.

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Type of Financial advice services

There’re different ways financial advisors work, how they charge for their services and how they suitability. The different types will offer a different standard of services and compensation costs.

The service from commission-based advisors will offer you a specific product or service that suits your investment, and they’ll get a commission from those providers. So, you won’t have to pay any single Baht to this type of advisor. Besides, they also work under fiduciary rules must still maintain the absolute best interest for you. As a result, you will receive financial advice and have the essential product or service to support your business at the same time.

However, the disadvantage you might face from the commission-based advisor is that you may purchase the offered service or product, which charges a higher cost than other similar products on the market.


  • The advisors will charge nothing for their service.
  • Get financial advice service and other necessary product or service for business.
  • Purchasing the offered service or product higher price than other similar products on the market.

The fee-based advisor will charge for their service by the hour, which will depend on the investment factors and the advisor’s experience. Otherwise, they may charge as a percentage of your assets under management, generally around 1 percent. Some advisors may charge better rates to serve you only when starting the business and end the contract later.


  • A fee-based advisor will charge the service fee by the hour.
  • The service rate varies depending on many factors.
  • Fee-based advisors could offer to charge their client from the percentage of their income.
  • Some advisors offer to charge a better rate only when starting and increase the rate later.

A financial advisor will guild the way to success in investing in Thailand.

My first time doing business in Thailand, the result didn’t come out as good as I expected. I also didn’t know what I should do to save my business until I decided to get the Financial Advice service from Thaiger. Honestly, I can say it’s the best decision ever in my life. I highly recommend everyone who plans to have a business project in Thailand or any of you who are facing a financial crisis in business should have this service.

Top tip: Get better investment and financial plans to support you business befor it’s too late.

Other Corporate Services the Thaiger Offers

The Thaiger’s extensive knowledge of Thai business law allows us to help you choose the best entity for your business. We will always provide the highest level of quality, with comprehensive support from our experienced team.

We understand how complex business laws are. Therefore, we are ready to help you navigate these laws with our experts to set up the right corporate structure and make sure that you comply. We have various corporate services for you.

1. Tax/ VAT registration
Setting up some businesses in Thailand may require Tax/VAT registration to the Department of Revenue. Your business will receive a Taxpayer Identification. The VAT process must also be registered in the form of businesses. Get expert options from our professional consultant to entering markets for your best set-up control.

2. Accounting Services
It could be difficult to understand Thai tax and accounting laws, especially if you are unfamiliar with the Thai language. Accounting services will support you through all the processes. Accounting Service to fulfil your demands and support you to the top of the competition in business with professional accountants.

3. Business Investment
Multinational companies may wish to establish a presence in Thailand but do not want to establish a separate legal entity, such as registering a Thai Limited Company. In this case, we can help you open a branch office, representative office, or regional office.

4. BOI Services
Get promotion in business investment in Thailand, which allows getting 100% ownership. Promoting foreign investment in Thailand. BOI provides information about investment processes and rewards to investors to raise Thailand’s economy. We can help you get this special business license and promotion from BOI.

Our Corporate Services will support your business to be successful in Thailand.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Financial Advice Services with The Thaiger.

We also provide other services to support your business in Thailand.

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Thai Property Services

Thinking of buying a property in Thailand? Whether for living or investment purposes, there are many factors to consider. You may need expert local assistance to search for a property that best fits your requirements. A high-quality property for sale in Thailand is usually sold at a fixed price by the seller, but that doesn’t mean we can’t negotiate for a better deal.

Property services will save you time when it comes to choosing a property. We provide services in a price range that suits your needs..

When buying, renting, and selling a property in Thailand, a lease agreement is a written agreement between the land or property owner and the person wanting to lease or rent the land or property. For foreigners, especially if you are new to the property of Thailand, this may seem complicated.

Frequently Asked Question about Financial Advice

The service rate will depend on the factors of your business and how the provider’s qualification. It is typically that many fee-based advisors will offer a lower rate and increase the service rate following your business’s revenue. Furthermore, some advisors offer you a lower rate and a commission from the products and services they offer you.

All the movement is up to you. However, the advisor prefers to meet with you as much as possible or on a routine basis, about 2-4 times per year, to review your financial circumstance. The advisor also can consider your requirement for less regular meetings if it is reasonable, but the meeting must appoint at least once a year.

The best way to get the best financial advisor for your business is by checking their qualification and background. The best advisor for you should have strong knowledge and experience of what you are investing in. Having the right advisor who understands the organization will suit and benefit your investment the most.

The answer depends on each advisor and their type of service. The service could be charged if the advisor a fee-based who work for you on an hourly basis. However, most advisors will always be available to reach out to them if you need assistance.

First, the suggestion starts from a question about their experience dealing with people in similar situations to yours. Second, check qualifications and background. Third, inquire about the scope and depths of the service they provide.

The advisor will link all of the financial details and create a financial strategy to make you achieve your financial objectives. To make the best decisions for your particular case, the advisor should have expertise and experience in all types of investment methods and financial complexities of your business investments, shares, banking, taxation, and estate planning.

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