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Thinking of Moving to the Land of Smiles? Find out what you need to do.

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Why the Thaiger?

Here at the Thaiger, we offer speed, simplicity, and security. We understand how time-consuming and complicated moving to a new country can get. That’s why we have created this guide to make everything clear and easy-to-follow. Also, your personal information and documents are safe with us. We promise that your moving process to Thailand will be easy than stress-free.

Why move to Thailand?

Moving to Thailand is a dream for many people. Even the country’s name conjures up images of beautiful beaches, delicious food, and friendly people. On top of that, the cost of living is considerably lower than in many Western countries.

Although, moving to a new country can be an exhausting and complicated process, from preparing essential documents, applying for a visa, finding a place to live and getting settling in. That’s why you shouldn’t do it alone.

We offer essential services to help you relocate to Thailand with ease, including professional visa application, finding your dream home, opening a Thai Bank, and many more.

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How does our relocation service work?

If you need someone to support you with your relocation, we are here to help you out. Here are the general steps of how it works.


Send the request for the services you want us to help you with.


You will be asked to place a deposit before getting the service.

Get service

Our team will reach out to you with more information after you have selected the services that suit your needs.

Finalise Payment

After you have relocated from your country you will be asked to make the rest of the payment in full.

After service

The service is done, and you should be ready to settle in Thailand! Need more help? Don’t be shy. Just let us know!

What You Need to Do Before Moving to Thailand

Before you move to Thailand, check the following information that may help you kick start your moving process.

Living Costs

In Thailand, the cost of living is quite low. However, establishing a strategy is a good thing to do before you move. How much can you afford for accommodation and food? How much do you have to spend and save? Put these expenses up and add 10% more to your monthly budget.


Thai visas are fairly complicated. From understanding which visa you should get to actually applying for the visa, make sure you do your research.

Place to Live

There are various different options when it comes to living in Thailand. The south is perfect if you like the beach. But if you like to live near valleys and mountains, then you should choose the north. Central Thailand is where the capital city, Bangkok, is located. It’s busy, but it has plenty of entertainment options. There’s a wide range of locations you can choose from, so give yourself some time to think about it.


You may get regular travel insurance if you are staying for a short period of time. However, you may want to check other options than regular travel insurance, such as health insurance covering Thailand, if you want to move to the country. Remember, wherever you are, health is still number one.

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Customer Reviews


Wanted to relocate to Thailand for a while now. But once covid-19 is over will be on the first flight out!

Charles Olsen

Great service! Would recommend this service to anybody who wants to move to Thailand.

Barry Stone


Decided I wanted to move to Thailand after finding my dream home in Phuket. Thank you the thaiger for recommending the necessities before making the move.

Brooklin Moon


Better safe than sorry. wanted to make sure all our belonging were covered during our move to Thailand. I think we got a pretty good rate, thank you for your service!

Jacob Ferrell


I applied for the service online got a response the following day. Sally was very helpful with all my questions and requirements.

Darren Bell


Thailand is a beautiful country! can’t wait to move there. Just want to make sure that everything will be 100% when moving to Thailand hence the reason why I am applying for this service.

Maya Kellbrook

Relocation Services We Offer

Moving to Thailand requires lots of preparation. From visa application and work permit to finding a home and opening a bank account, we are ready to help make the whole process easier.

Take a look at the services below, and choose the one you need. You can also combine all or some of the services, so your moving process will be simpler and easier.

Living in Thailand as a foreigner obviously requires a visa. There are numerous visas available. You need to know what kind of visa you need to live in the country based on your specific purpose, job, and nationality. Each visa has different requirements and validity, so it is important to apply for the right one to avoid trouble.

Are you moving to Thailand to work or to enjoy your retirement? Or are you moving to the country to be with your Thai spouse? Let us know, and we’ll help you find and apply for the appropriate visa.

Key Points

  • Guide and help you pick the most appropriate visa, depending on your purpose of relocation and nationality.
  • Quick and simple application process.
  • Numerous types of visas available, from tourist visas to non-immigrant visas.

Although you have the correct visa to work, such as a Business Visa, you still cannot legally earn money in Thailand without a work permit. There are three types of work permits: WP 1, WP 3, and WP 1.1. Each allows you to do different jobs or professions in the country.

While it may seem confusing, the process is actually very straightforward.

Key Points

  • Three types of work permits to choose from.
  • Help you choose the most appropriate one.
  • Fast and easy application process.

Most people want to move to Thailand for a fresh new start, so they forget that illness and injury can and do happen. Health insurance gives you the protection you need while you live in Thailand. There’s nothing we can do to prevent accidents and sickness, but we can always protect ourselves from the financial consequences.

Key Points

  • A wide range of policies and coverages to suit your needs.
  • Protect yourself against unwanted accidents that may happen in Thailand.
  • Instant coverage online.

So you already know where you want to live, but you haven’t found the accommodation yet? Whether you want to buy a condo in Bangkok or rent a beachfront villa in Phuket, you can use our property services.

Key Points

  • A wide range of properties across Thailand to choose from.
  • Buy, rent, or sell a property quickly and easily.
  • Best price on the local market.

Having a Thai Bank Account will help you manage your finance in Thailand much easier. It allows you to send and receive money from abroad. Also, you can also transfer money as bank transfers are very common payment option among locals. You can also avoid withdrawal fees when withdrawing money from ATMs in Thailand.

Key Points

  • Several different banks to choose from, suck as CIMB, Citi Bank, and Kasikorn Bank.
  • Get deposit, withdrawal, and money transfer 24hr.
  • Pay off all your bills in Thailand with your Thai Bank Account.

Useful information and great service.

All went very smoothly and efficiently. The Thaiger’s team did a great job helping me through the process in a timely manner. The team was very professional. I would certainly recommend.

Top tip: Why do it yourself? Get the service you need from professionals throughout the entire process, quick, simple, and vigilant.

Why Move to Thailand?

Thailand has been a popular place to relocate to for expats for many years. The cost of living is affordable, and expats have a wide range of jobs opportunities.

Also, Thai people are welcoming and friendly. They are easy-going and love to share, and you will see their smile and laugh every day. Thai food is very delicious, so living in Thailand means you can savour all of these tasty cuisines every day. In addition, Thailand has the quickest internet speed in all of South-East Asia.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Moving Services with The Thaiger

Other services to support your Thailand life

Get additional help to make your life easier in Thailand. For peace of mind, here are few other services that can benefit you.

Legal Services

Need legal help in Thailand? Whatever your legal challenge is, our expert and experienced lawyers can help you out. From notary services to private investigation and litigation, let’s resolve your issues together.

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Life Insurance

Live your life to the fullest and secure your future with Life insurance. There are 5 main groups of life insurance; Over the 50s, level term life, the whole of life, life insurance with pre-medical conditions, and group life insurance. It’s your insurance, we just help you find it.

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Thailand Elite Visa

Get the Thai elite visa, which allows you to reside in Thailand for a long-term (5, 10, or 20 years), while also providing you with benefits. The Thai Elite Visa is great for investors and business people who would travel to Thailand multiple times a year.

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Visa Services

The Thaiger visa services provide easy access and visa assistance in Thailand. You don’t have to think about how you can do it yourself. If you need to extend your visa, renew, postpone 90 days, cancel or even visa for Thailand, we can help.

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Other services The Thaiger offers

Get more help and make your life in Thailand more inclusive. There are few other services you can look into to make sure you’re well-supported in Thailand.

Thai Citizenship

Thai citizenship provides the applicant with the same set of benefits as Thai citizens who were born in Thailand. Make the Land of Smile your new home and no longer be a tourist in Thailand, taking advantage of all the opportunities and benefits.

Thai Pink ID Card

Obtaining a Thai ID card allows you to identify yourself without having to carry your passport.

Thai Driving License

Make sure you’re completely licensed to drive in Thailand. It is really good to have one, as it will help you to claim protection and breeze through police roadblocks.

Thai Tabian Ban

A Thai Tabien Ban allows you to verify your property and register your name under your address in Thailand. The house registration book can also be used in procedures such as transferring ownership of a vehicle or property, opening a bank account, applying for a new provision of electricity or a telephone line, or applying for a job.

Permanent Residency

Permanent residency or PR allows you to live permanently in Thailand, without the need to apply for a visa extension. Once you have received your PR status, obtaining a work permit should become easier for you. In addition, you can also start up a company in Thailand, get your name on a house registration, and enjoy other benefits similar to a Thai national.

Frequently Asked Questions about Moving To Thailand.

Shipping time depends on the size. The large size will be transported by ship, it takes about a minimum of 40 days. The small size will transport a minimum of 10 days by aeroplane to reach Thailand.

Yes, Our warehouse will store your goods according to your wishes. We offer convenient storage service

  • The certificate of changing residence certifies that you are changing your principal residence and is obligatory for customs purposes.
  • A proof of resident in Thailand or destination country, showing that you have a fixed address for sending your belongings.
  • Copies of the passport which are signed by you.

You need to require an import permit from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and an import permit from TISI if you need to transport your vehicle from aboard.

You will get a shipment tracking number. It helps you to know the progress in real-time. Approximately 1 week before arrival, we will contact you to prepare the formalities for shipments.

Your personal possessions will be unloaded and unpacked with international moving standards by a professional team.

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