Permanent Residence

  • Live in Thailand with a permanent resident (PR), no longer requiring any extension.
  • Get your property under your name and make your life in Thailand easier.


Thai Citizenship

  • Make Land of Smile become your new home, no longer be a foreigner and enjoy all the facilities.

Other Popular Services in Thailand.

Thai Driving License

A Thai driving licence can be requested by foreigners planning to drive a car in Thailand. It is the best way to make sure you are allowed to drive in the country legally and are completely protected by a vehicle insurance policy.

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Thai Pink ID Card

Get an easy form of permanent residency, with many advantages, such as using the identification for domestic flights, and getting more discounts on visiting national parks and attractions.

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Thai Tabiean Ban

Verify your property and register your name under your address in Thailand. The Thai Tabiean Ban is available for all citizens and permanent residents in Thailand.

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Moving to Thailand

Moving to live in the Land of Smile is not difficult, but it is best to make sure you are prepared with the information you need to make your move with confidence.

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Legal Services

Feel secure and ensure that you have legal support from an expert international lawyer. Know your rights and get advice and guidance for any conflicts of the law in Thailand.

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Thai Property Service

New to buying or selling in Thailand? Learn More about everything you need to know when dealing with properties in Thailand

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Type of other services from The Thaiger.

1. Thai Driving License – We offer services to support your driving in Thailand. Whether you need either a car, motorbike license, or both. No matter whether you want to renew or get a new one. You will be comforted by our service for all processes, and you will be confident that you will receive a Thai driver’s license easily.
2. Thai Pink ID Card – For permanent residents who look to get ID for use in Thailand. This is an official ID from Thailand, with your name in Thai and your ID number. That you carry it without using your passport and it comes with other benefits. Our service will support you through all processes.
3. Thai Tabiean Ban – The Thai house book is an administrative document issued by the local municipality. Whether you need a blue or yellow cover to register your perfect property. We’re going to support you to deal with the process and make it easier.
4. Moving to Thailand – For a new career, relationship, or a new place to settle your new life. Where people are friendly as well as the cost is minimal, We’re here to help you deal with the application, and let us be on your side in Thailand.

Why choose the Thaiger to get other services

  • Simple in one click with various choices of special deals and offers, complete information for your greatest benefits.
  • Reliable with 24-hour service and up to date, no matter where you are.
  • Guaranteed and reviewed by people around the world.


1. What are the benefits of getting permanent residence?

It allows you to stay in Thailand without the need for a visa or an extension of your stay. A Thai Permanent Residence Visa also allows you to register your home or any property that you may have in Thailand and legally become the director of a public company. You could also apply to become a naturalized Thai citizen on a visa after following all the requirements.

2. What are the benefits of getting the Thai citizenship?

You can buy and own property in your name, You are allowed to work with no need to apply for a work permit, and your visa also does not need to renew even if you re-enter the country. Moreover, you can hold over 49% shares in Thai companies and have the right to get service from government facilities.

3. What is Thailand’s international driving license?

An International Driving License is a translation of your Thai national driving license. allows you to drive vehicles abroad.

4. What required documents for a Thai driving license?

  • An original copy of the first page of the passport and non-immigrant visa.
  • Copies of the page containing the last Thailand entry stamp.
  • TM.6 departure card.
  • A letter of address certified by the Immigration Bureau or from the applicant’s embassy or a work permit copy was signed under your name.
  • A health certificate from any clinic or hospital (not over 30 days).