Things You Should Do Before Moving to Thailand

Everything you need to know before moving to Thailand to make the whole process easier.

Moving to Thailand

So you’ve made up your mind and finally decided to move to Thailand? Moving to a new country can be exciting, but it requires a bit of groundwork to make sure things run smoothly. Being thoroughly prepared in advance can help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

If you plan to relocate to Thailand, whether during a grap year, for work or retirement, or simply because you want to start anew, here are five things you should do.

Key Points

  • The first thing you have to do before you move to Thailand is to visit the country to test the waters.
  • Foreigners who want to move to Thailand will need to secure an appropriate visa.
  • While the cost of living in Thailand is lower than in most Western countries, you still need to budget properly.

Visit Thailand Before Making a Decision

The first thing you have to do before you move to Thailand is to visit the country to test the waters. For some people, this may be impossible due to a lack of funds or schedule conflicts. However, if you have the funds and time to spare, you should visit the country first before buying a one-way ticket and saying goodbye to your old life.

While you are there, make sure to explore the cities, particularly those you are interested in. Seeing and getting a feel for each town will help you decide if Thailand is right for you.

Calculate the Cost of Living

So you have visited Thailand, and you’re sure that the country is really right for you? The next thing you should do is calculate the cost of living.

Many people decide to move to Thailand for the low cost of living. Due to this reason, some people don’t budget anywhere near enough for their move, putting themselves in trouble. You need to remember that although the living cost in Thailand is not as high as in most Western countries, it still won’t be dirt cheap to move here.

Do your research and find out how much money you need in order to move and live in Thailand comfortably. Here are some of the things you may want to add to your budget.

  • Accomodation.
  • Food and drink.
  • Household items.
  • Transportation.
  • Clothes.
  • Visa.

Make sure to carry as much money as possible to ensure that you won’t run out of cash during the initial period, especially if you are moving to Thailand without a job.

There are reports that some people can live in Thailand for $700 to $800, and while it might be true for some, make sure to do your research to see what kind of life this will give you.

Do your research to make your moving process smoother.

Apply For a Thai Visa in Advance

It’s best that you apply for your visa in advance if you plan to move to Thailand.

You will need different visas depending on the reasons you are moving to Thailand. If you are relocating to Thailand for a job assignment, your employer may assist you in obtaining a Non-Immigrant B Visa. If you are moving to the country to spend your retirement years, you will need another type of visa to live in Thailand.

The easiest visa you can get is the Thailand Elite visa, which allows you to live in Thailand for 5 to 20 years without dealing with any complicated process. However, it is pretty expensive.

The various visa options in Thailand can be confusing, and it’s essential to choose the right one. If you can, you should work with a professional visa service to figure out the type of visa you need and help you apply for the visa.

To make the process of moving to Thailand easier, find a professional service to help you out.

Consider Where You Want to Live

If you are moving to Thailand because of a job offer or to live with your partner or family, you are set on where you are going to live. However, if you have more flexibility, you will have to choose where you want to live.

Here are some of the most popular locations where expats choose to live in Thailand:

  • Bangkok – As the capital of Thailand, it’s no wonder why expats flock in Bangkok. The city offers the best paying jobs, and it has good facilities. However, as with many major cities in the world, the traffic congestion in Bangkok can be pretty bad.
  • Chiang Mai – Chiang Mai is particularly popular among digital nomads and retirees. The city offers a more relaxed and laidback atmosphere compared to Bangkok.
  • Phuket – Thailand’s largest island, Phuket, is popular among expats who want to live a tropical island life.
  • Pattaya – Pattaya is another popular destination for those who want to live near the beach. It is particularly known for its naughty nightlife.
  • Find Health Insurance

    Health insurance is a must if you want to relocate to Thailand. Just like everywhere else on earth, there’s always a possibility that you may experience road accidents, especially if you travel on motorbikes. Unfortunately, the rate of road accidents is high in Thailand. In addition, the standards of health and safety might not be as high as in your home country.

    Before you move to Thailand, make sure that your current health insurance will cover you while you’re in the country. If it’s not, then you better find a new policy that will protect you while you’re living in Thailand.

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