Thai Pink ID

A Thai ID card is an additional form of identification that also allows you to receive benefits.


Why the Thaiger?

Get your Thai pink ID card online quickly and easily to meet the Thai government’s requirements. The Thaiger will assist you by providing a step by step and guide for you and walk you through all of the procedures.

What is a Thai pink ID card?

The Pink ID Card is the most common form of identification for foreigners. You can use it as a form of identification while flying domestically in Thailand, check into hotels, and even open bank accounts at local banks. This form of identification will also provide you with special discounts when visiting national parks or other tourist attractions.

**Please note that, due to Thailand’s Covid-19 restrictions, all services for obtaining a Pink Thai ID Card have been suspended until further notice.**

Procedure to get a Thai pink ID card

Here’s a general guideline on how to apply for a Thai Pink ID card

Come Prepared

Before you apply, it is better if you have all of the required documents with you. If possible, gather other extra documents to support your application.

Present a witness

The application requires you to present a Thai witness and their ID card.

Send the application to the Thaiger

Send the documents to the Thaiger, and we’ll review and submit it for you.

Verify, picture and fingerprints

Your application will be verified. Then, the office will take your picture and collect your fingerprints.

Get your pink ID

The procedure is done and you can pick up your card!

What information is contained Thai pink Id card?

When you receive a Thai pink ID card, check that the information is complete and correct, which follows:

ID number

The main component of the ID card is 13 digits ID number on top of the card.


On the left side is your picture that were taken by the officer.

Personal information

In the middle of the card is your personal information. It should contain your name, surname, birthday, and your address followed by your house book.


On the bottom of the card, you can see the date of the card made, the expiring date, and the officer who certifies the card.

Customer Ratings


26 reviews

Customer Reviews


No harm in getting the ID card, although the benefits seems to be unclear will apply for one anyways with the Thaiger.

Alexa Sloan


Stop getting charged as a foreigner! get a Thai pink ID and get the Thai price.

Demi Arno


Just got one as a souvenir, to remember my time in Thailand.

Kenley Jennings


Me and my husband thought it would be lovely to get a Thai pink ID to co-moderate our time in Thailand as we have been living here on and off for over 15 years. Thailand is like our second home.

June Wyatt


I know a few people who get the Thai Pink ID card and they all say that it has helped them in their day to day life. I have just applied with the Thaiger for this service hoping to hear a call back soon.

Micheal Harrell


Good to get a Thai pink card to get treated more like a local then an tourist.

Steve Mullins

The benefits of Thai pink ID card

The moment you receive the Thai pink ID card, you will be able to enjoy many benefits simular to a Thai citizen. Thai pink ID card has more advantages than you expect. Below are some of the advantages.

You don’t have to hold your passports at all time. Instead, you can keep your passport somewhere safe and use it to identify yourself only when you relly need to, for emergency.

Key Points

  • Easy renewal.
  • A form of identification to replace your passport.
  • Allows you to keep your passport somewhere safe.

Thai pink ID card can also be used to identify yourself for domestic flights and hotels in Thailand. You can also use your ID number to fill in all government application forms.

Key Points

  • Use it in domestic flights.
  • Use it to check-in at a hotel in Thailand.
  • Use it to fill government application forms.

Another benefit that the Thai Pink ID offer is exclusive discounts to holders when visiting national parks and other tourist attractions.

Key Points

  • Get discounts in national parks.

The Thai Pink ID also makes it easier for you to do banking activities. You can use your ID number in many bank forms.

Key Points

  • You can use it to open a new account.
  • You can use it for cheque payment.
  • You can use it to fill banking forms.

Don’t worry about losing your passport, because you have a Thai Pink ID.

I live in Thailand and I worry about bringing my passport around as I may lose it. So, I decided to look for some other ways that I can identify myself in Thailand without using my passport. Then I found out that Thai pink ID card can combat this issue. I honestly didn’t expect to achieve more benefits than just keeping my passport secure. My ID makes my life smoother, and my passport in the safest place.

Top tip: Apply for the Thai Pink ID takes you one step closer to becoming a local.

Required documents to apply for Thai pink ID card

If you have been living in Thailand for a long time, and you need your life here to be more inclusive, a Thai pink ID card is something you need. Getting a Thai pink ID card is not difficult and these are is only a few required documents before applying.

1.Passport and visa – Copies of all the relevant pages of your passport would need to be handed over. You need to have a valid visa for non-immigrants.

2.Work permit or residence Certificate – You can use copies of your work permit and resident certificate from your Thai house book with a signed copy.

3.Married certificate – Additional for people who married to Thai or Thai permanent residency.

4.Permanent residency – Additional for applicants who are PR has to hand in 2 books for permanent residency.

6.Birth certificate – Additional for people who birth or have children in Thailand.

Inquire now for further information about the Thai pink ID card.

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Thai Tabien Baan

The Thai house book, or Thai Tabien Baan, is an administrative document to verify the address of a resident and shows other occupants who also live in the property. It does not state who is the owner, but it indicates the holder and the resident of the house. Foreigners may own a building, but not the underlying estate. The Tabien Baan is mostly used in procedures such as transferring ownership of a vehicle or property, opening a bank account, applying for a new provision of electricity or a telephone line, or applying for a job.

Frequently Asked Questions about Thai pink ID card.

You can get your Thai pink ID card at the district office where you previously registered your address.

Thai yellow house book is a booklet issued by a local municipality that belongs to a resident’s official address registration document and its practical usage is to register and prove the place of legal residence of a person.

Yes, you have to renew it, if it after the day of expires date which showed on your card.

It depends on how crowded your local district office is but normally, it takes about 15-30 minutes to complete and 1-30 days to process.

Thai pink ID card will be valid for 10 years. However, you can get one that has no expire date, when you are 60 years or older.

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