Thai Tabiean Baan: Process and Requirements

Get more information about procedures and requirement for getting a Thai Tabian Ban to Verify and register your address in Thailand.

Purpose of having Thai Tabian Ban for expats

Many expats living in Thailand for a long-time and have owned the property, whether for residential or business purposes, should already familiar with the Thai Tabian ban. But if you’re new and considering buying or own a property in Thailand, you will need to know about the Thai Tabian ban before owning a property in Thailand.

The Thai Tabien Baan or Thai house book is an administrative document to verify your address in Thailand. It’s an important document that registers for your address. Having your name in a Tabien Baan provides you with many benefits. It helps you deal with certain government agencies, banking, work, and much more to convenience your Thailand life. The Thai Tabian Ban is the document for getting a Thai ID number to apply for a Thai Pink ID card as well.

Key Points

  • To verify your address in Thailand.
  • Should have along with your property.
  • Provide many benefits to convenience your Thailand life.

Types of Thai Tabian Ban

Thai Tabien Baan has two types which are the blue cover book and the yellow cover book. Indeed, the cover defines different purposes and qualifications.

The first type is the Blue Tabian Ban. It’s also known as Thor, Ror.14. The blue Tabian ban is for Thai nationals, but it may also issue the address for official Thai permanent residency in some cases. It is usually left empty if a foreigner owns the property unless Thai nationals move in the address.

The second type is the Yellow Tabian Ban. It’s also known as Thor, Ror.13. It’s for foreigners who register their property in Thailand without permanent residence status. This Thai Tabien Baan is for foreigners who meet specific requirements. It enables foreigners with valid visas to register in Thailand’s national registry system, and it can be exchanged for the blue cover book if the foreigner meets specific requirements.

Procudure to get Thai Tabian Ban

Thai Tabian Ban is the document issued by the local municipality office. So, you should submit the required documents and apply for registration there. The registration procedure is quite straightforward.

First, you should make sure all of the documents are prepared. You may also bring some more extra documents if possible to support the registration. The municipality officers may ask for additional documents and should translate your documents into Thai. Then submit the registration with the officer. Please mention that having all of your documents ready in one place will make the entire process run faster. After your documents are approved, your address will be registered, and get your house book.

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Requirements for registration Thai Tabian Ban

However, the procedure to register for your Thai Tabian Ban is simple, but it also has some requirements that you need to follow. These are what you need to prepare to apply for a Thai Tabien Baan.

1. Passport and Visa – If you are a foreigner without a permanent residency, you need to submit your non-immigration visa and the applicant’s passport’s personal details page was translated into Thai with 2 passport-sized photos

2. Work permit – Additional documents for people who work in Thailand.

3. Married certificate – Additional for people who are married with a Thai spouse or permanent residency.

4. Property title deed – Document to show the rights over the property from the land department.

5 . Land-related documents – Other related documents about the property.

6 . Construction permit – You may receive a construction permit from the Land Department. The contractor typically requests a construction permit for the building.

7. Witnesses – 2 Thai citizen witnesses (over 20 years old). The witnesses must present in person when applying for registration with their Thai ID card and Thai Tabian Ban.

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Benefit from Thai Tabian Ban

Thai Tabian Ban is offering you various benefits. All the benefits that come with having a Thai Tabian Ban will make your life in Thailand much more accessible. The primary benefit that your will get is your address in Thailand is verified. It means you can use your registered address to access all the banking and government services and activities. You will also get your Thai ID number and eligible to apply for a Thai pink ID card as well.

The additional benefits from Thai Tabian Ban are you may not need to pay a business tax of 3.3% on the sale of the property as long as your name has been in there for a minimum of one year and you have owned the property at least 5 years. It also helps you deal with the complex bureaucracy and use it as evidence to buy, sell, or transfer the assets, vehicles, work, and business, etc.

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