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Why should you apply for a Thai driving license with the Thaiger?

Apply for your Thai driving license quickly and easily with our step-by-step guide through the process, Ensuring you comply with the full specifications that the Thai government requires.

What is a Thai driving license?

A Thai driving license is the only way to ensure that you can drive legally in Thailand. In some cases, your Thai driving license can be used for issuing an ID card, which can be useful in emergency situations.

A Thai driving license will also benefit you when it comes to claiming insurance and when you want easily pass checks at police roadblocks. If you are new to getting a Thai driving license, after completing the test and being approved for the license. You will be issued a 2-year temporary license first, then a regular license that will be valid for 5 years.

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Procedure to get a Thai driving license

Here is a list of steps and procedures you will need to do when arriving at the Land Transportation Office. Please note that there could be a chance that the test will not be completed in a day but spread across two days.

Submit your Document

Make sure you carry your residence certificate or work permit, a medical certificate, your passport and a driving license application form.

Driving Orientation

You will be required to have a 5 hours orientation in the auditorium to go over the safety and traffic rules in Thailand.

Theory Test

You will be asked to complete a quiz with 50 question where you will need at least 45 correct answers to pass.

Driving Test

Applicants will be required to conduct a driving test where examiners will approve or decline your license.

Get your License

After all the steps and procedures you will receive your license on the spot.

What tests will you be required to do?

Once the documents have been approved and stamped, most of the steps will be done simultaneously. It will also depend on you how fast you can complete the process. For example, if you pass your theory test and not your driving test, you will be required to come back another day to redo the driving test.

Driving Test

The driving tests is to guarantee that candidates can drive safely and park on public roads.

Theory Test

Within the theory test, candidates will be required to take a 5 hours orientation before taking the theory exam. The orientation is usually a video with English subtitles teaching traffic laws and regulations across Thailand.

The test consists of 50 questions, and applicants must answer at least 45 questions correctly to pass the test. Applicants who miss the theory exam will make an appointment to retest again on the following day without retaking the orientation.

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Very easy process and articles that explains all the steps and procedure, 5 stars and thank you.

Mandy Sunny


That was an easy process, I appreciate all of the FAQs that answer a lot of my questions, will definitely need the Thai driving license, looking forwards to hear from you soon

Lotte Halstrom


Getting a Thai driving license can be a hassel especially when you are living in the city like Phuket or Bangkok, i have already applied to get my license already, so hopefully the thaiger can fasten the process when arriving at the Transportation Centre

Joel hughes


Judging from how Thai people drive, we will definitely need to get the Thai license and car insurance as well, a agency has already reached out to me suggesting the different packages that foreigners can get in Thailand. Thank you the thaiger. 5 Stars.

Damari Kare


Thank you the Thaiger another service that i will be definatly using in the future, do you also do license renewals? always hate going to the transportation department.

Kassidy Zavala


Good information to know about the different types of test that the operators will be conducting before hand. We have already inquired for this service waiting on a call back to see what the next step will be. again thank you

Nalinda Ingram

Test details for applicants

After your documents have been approved, applicants will take in turns to do 5 different test including theory and physical tests. Please note that applicants will be able to do retests on the spot to pass some stations.

In this station, an examiner will point out different colored dots on a poster, you must then identify the name of each color.

Key Points

  • Name the colors pointed by the officer as precise as possible.
  • On most cases the officer will spend no more than 5 mins on this test.

Applicants are required to identify the traffic light color, applicants will be facing forwards and two screens will be placed on either side. You will then identify the colors with out moving your head.

Key Points

    • State the color of the light as fast as you can.
    • Applicants will be given a couple of chances on this test


You will be asked to take a seat behind a simulated brake and gas pedal. You will then have to press on either the gas or break pedal depending on the traffic light. To pass this test, you will need to act quickly and precisely.

Key Points

  • Press the accelerator on the green and brake on the red light.
  • Applicant should take 1 second to react.
  • 1 or 2 chances to complete task.

This test is quite challenging as you will need to have quick hands. During this test, you will have to press a button; backwards and forward, to place a pin into a small box about ten metres away.

Key Points

  • Focus on the moving pin.
  • Use the buttons to move the pin.

For this task you will be required to drive in your car or motorbike to complete a small driving test around a track. There are multiple things that you will be tested. For example, parallel parking, reversing, driving up a hill and many more. An examiner will be watching you at a distance to make sure that you complete the track correctly.

Key Points

  • Renting a vehicle will be available at the examination; 100 Baht for cars and 50 Baht for motorbikes.
  • Hitting traffic cones will cause you to fail the exam immediately.
  • In case you fail you need to redo the driving tests within 90 days. Otherwise, you must restart the whole process again.

Driving in Thailand is one of the most convenient ways to get around.

Before, I was driving in Thailand without a Thai driving license. Over the years, I have been stopped by the police countless of times. But since I got my Thai driving license, I don’t have any issues with driving at all.

Top tip: Get Thai driving license to avoid any future complications.

Requirements to apply for a Thai driving license

What to drive in Thailand? Getting a Thai driving license is the answer for you.

Allow us to assist you in applying for a Thai driver’s license. We have a better way to obtain a Thai driver’s license that is simpler, quicker, and more reliable. Obtaining a Thai driver’s license is simple; here are the documents you’ll need to apply.

1. Passport and visa – Copies of all the relevant pages from your passport will be handed over for the application process. You will also need a valid visa for non-immigrants.

2. Work Permit or Residence Certificate – You can use either copy of your work permit or resident certificate from your local immigration office, your Embassy or you can use your Thai address (If your name is registered your address).

3. Medical Certificate – You will need the basic form of a medical certificate that you can get at any hospital or clinic.

4. International Driving License – If you are converting your international driving license to a Thai one, a complete translation of your license will be required.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Thai driving license with The Thaiger

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Frequently Asked Questions about Thai Driving License

You will driving legally in Thailand and will have no reason to get stuck in a complicated process to verify whether you are allowed to drive on public roads or not.

The Thai driving license is also valid for in the ASEAN countries. A Thai driving license can also be accepted as a form of ID for emergency situation as well.

An International Driving License is a translation of your Thai national driving license. allows you to drive vehicles abroad.

You can use it to get a Thai driving license at any land transport department.
Everything you need is to carry your passport with a signed copy, a medical certificate, and a resident’s certificate After that, they will ask you to do a few physical tests and then they will give you a temporary driving license for two years, which can be extended to five years later.

The exam questions have 5 different categories of questions.

  • Vehicle law.
  • Traffic law.
  • Traffic signs.
  • Driving safety.
  • Vehicle maintenance.

There’s a translation feature from Thai to English. However, some of the words in the exam are misspellings and errors.

The examination will contain 50 questions, the applicant should answer them correctly at least 45 questions (90%) to pass.

A parallel parking test and the examination is the most considered failed.

Imprisonment not exceeding 1 month or fined not more than 1000 or both, In case you get cough by police because of driving without a license.

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