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Why choose the Thaiger?

Are you looking for a statement for your business in Thailand? We’re here to help you. Statement service from Thaiger will ensure to make everything more straightforward and easier to get a statement for your business. Let skip the complicated process and get a shortcut to meet your business goals in Thailand.

What is a financial statement?

The business needs to have a financial statement. The financial statement will show you where a company’s income came from, how much it was spent, and where it is now. However, it also always advisable to leave it a professional and reliable accountant’s hand. Whether your registered business is a limited company or a public limited company in Thailand, you need to submit the financial statements within one month from the meeting date.

Therefore, it would be better you have a financial statement service with your business in Thailand. You will know your finance activities run in your business, and it will also benefit your business investment decision year to year.

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Why do you need a financial statement?

A financial statement can use for many purposes, which could be necessary for some of your activities and the convenience of your business. Check the information below about the purpose to have a financial statement.

Complete financial detail

A statement will show all the detail about your business’s whole year’s financial activities such as income, deposit, tax payment, etc.

Required document

Your statement could be a required document to use as financial evidence for bureaucratic application.

Necessary to get credit

Statment can use for applying for businesses or SMEs loan, which it could be necessary for business.

Decision-making tool

Financial statements will support your business decision with a snapshot of the company’s financial status.

Why is a statement necessary for business?

The purpose of a financial statement is to provide a flowing of a business’s financial situation and the results based on 3 financial statements issued on a daily, recurring basis. When taken together, they provide an overview of financial stability to ensure accuracy and accounting, lending, or investing purposes. The 3 financial statements (cash, income, and financial position) are often referred to as the company’s final accounts, and they contain the following information:

The statement of cash flows

It will report the financial activities of your business that are very important for the company that needs to know the budget on their own to manage to pay the expenses and purchase assets. It also reports whether the business generated cash. Meanwhile, it will summarise the inflows and outflows of your business finance over a period. You will know the business net increase or decrease in money for the period from the cash flow statement. Furthermore, it will be divided into 3 parts to review the cash flow of your business’s operating activities, investing activities, and financing activities.

The income statement

An income statement is a financial statement that indicates how much income a business made for a period of time. It also shows the costs and expenditures incurred in earning the income. The statement’s literal “bottom line” typically indicates the company’s net profits or losses. This shows how much money the business made or lost over the specified period. Earnings per share or EPS are also reported on income statements.

The statement of financial position

A statement of financial position shows the relationship between assets and claims. Statement of cash flows and income statement explains changes to cash and equity. These statements are generally backwards-looking because they are based on information concerning past events and transactions. However, they can also be prepared using projected data to help assess likely future profits, cash flows, and so on. This can be useful in providing feedback on past performance and identifying trends that offer clues to future performance.

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I was having trouble with my landlord where I knew I needed legal advice, I enquired and received a call back from one of the thaiger’s partners where they gave me some advice and recommended their service to fix the problem.

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Legal advice is often undervalued, but having the authority of a legal professional on your side is critical especially when you are in a foreign country. Will be using this service again for sure.

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Got legal advice for the land we are buying in Hua Hin. The law company for a fee handled all the paperwork and legal requirements needed for the property.

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I had a very good experience with The Thaiger and one of their partners. They were easy to get hold of, polite and pleasant to talk to and delivered what they said they would do in a timely manner.

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Getting a divorce in Thailand with my Thai wife, I needed help going through the process. The Thaiger was the right place to go to!

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Good to get some clear information for once. The service was very precise and very useful for me, thank you Alex for your service.

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The advantage of a financial statement

There are many advantages of a financial statement that would benefit your business. Check the information below for how it can support your business in Thailand.

The benefit of financial statements is to create a plan for future investment by reviewing previously reported and audited financial activities. Budgets assist in aligning costs with revenue and sales. Budgets are forecasted using financial statements that have been compiled.

Key Points

  • Review previous financial activities.
  • Guideline for future investment.
  • Forecast the potential budget.

The amount of debt your business has and in what type it has, it is a major indicator of financial stability. Financial statements divide your assets from your debts and show you how much money you owe and how much money you bring in. Knowing the assets for the financial statement will benefit you with managing debts payment.

Key Points

  • Divide the assets from debts.
  • Show how many the business’s assets and debts.
  • Manage payment for business.

Company loans, credit cards, dealer accounts, and other accounts payable are all examples of liabilities. It’s absolutely a great strategy to have this detail on hand because most lenders and credit card providers want you to have it. So, it would easily and in quick access as you apply for a loan or a credit line.

Key Points

  • Support to applying for a loan and credit card.
  • The financial information is always ready to submit in many activities.

A financial statement will determine market tread. The business should analyze and review financial statements over time. It allows the company to see which goods are making a revenue, which segments are growing well, and which segments of the market need further analysis, reinvestment, or withdrawal.

Key Points

  • Determine the market tread.
  • Analyze the business financially movement.
  • Know the result of the tread.

Run the business in Thailand smoother with a financial statement.

Thank you, Thaiger, and their service to make me found a good provider besides my business in Thailand. The statement is a very important key to make my business drive forward faster and easier. It liquid my investment and help me decide on business and future investment. My provider is very professional and works on-time manner. I never regret reaching for Thaiger’s help.

Top tip: A professional and time manner service is the one factor of success.

Other Corporate Services the Thaiger Offers

The Thaiger’s extensive knowledge of Thai business law allows us to help you choose the best entity for your business. We will always provide the highest level of quality, with comprehensive support from our experienced team.

We understand how complex business laws are. Therefore, we are ready to help you navigate these laws with our experts to set up the right corporate structure and make sure that you comply. We have various corporate services for you.

1. Tax/ VAT registration
Setting up some businesses in Thailand may require Tax/VAT registration to the Department of Revenue. Your business will receive a Taxpayer Identification. The VAT process must also be registered in the form of businesses. Get expert options from our professional consultant to entering markets for your best set-up control.

2. Accounting Services
It could be difficult to understand Thai tax and accounting laws, especially if you are unfamiliar with the Thai language. Accounting services will support you through all the processes. Accounting Service to fulfil your demands and support you to the top of the competition in business with professional accountants.

3. Business Investment
Multinational companies may wish to establish a presence in Thailand but do not want to establish a separate legal entity, such as registering a Thai Limited Company. In this case, we can help you open a branch office, representative office, or regional office.

4. BOI Services
Get promotion in business investment in Thailand, which allows getting 100% ownership. Promoting foreign investment in Thailand. BOI provides information about investment processes and rewards to investors to raise Thailand’s economy. We can help you get this special business license and promotion from BOI.

Our Corporate Services will support your business to be successful in Thailand.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Statement Services with The Thaiger.

We also provide other services to support your business in Thailand.

There are other interesting services you may want to check out to ensure you are supported in Thailand. We listed it down below for you.

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Thaiger will support you with the operation of essential relevant services for any of your proceedings and provision in Thailand. To provide assistance and advice on all legal and corporate concerns.

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Corporate Services

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Accounting Services

Every successful business does accounting. However, starting a business while managing your accounts efficiently is difficult. That’s why a company cannot exist or operate without the help of professional accountants. Accountants play a significant role in numerous things, including tax preparation services, auditing, bookkeeping, and consultancy.

The Thaiger’s accounting services can help you manage and run your business in Thailand. Our accounting service will help you understand your tax liabilities and exemptions, do financial analysis, track expenses, and keep you legally compliant with financial filings in Thailand.

You can ensure that everything is going smoothly and customers are satisfied without dealing with your finances.

Frequently Asked Questions about Statement

You can receive your financial statement by email or post.

The financial statement will describe all of your business financial moment, which includes your income, expense, debt, and daily, monthly, and yearly basis of money inflow and outflow. Furthermore, it will also define each financial activities is related to whom.

Yes, a financial statement is very necessary for many activities, especially for foreigners. Applying for some type of visa, such as a marriage visa, also requires submitting a financial statement.

Yes, you should. A financial statement will benefit your business, and you might need it to apply for an SME loan.

Financial statements should be intuitive, relevant, reliable, and comparable. They should provide facts about a company’s financial situation, results, and improvements in a financial position that is beneficial to a wide variety of consumers in making business decisions.

The services will provide a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, retained earnings statement, and cash flow statement.

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