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Are you wanting to purchase, rent, or sell a property in Thailand? The Thaiger works alongside real estate professions guide you through the process.

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Why get Thai Property Services from the Thaiger?

The Thaiger will meet all of your property needs. We are fortunate to have an experienced and dependable team with a strong understanding of the local market. We strive to assist you with all of your property-related needs as quickly, transparently, and affordably as possible.

Why do foreigners need Thai property service?

Buying, renting, and selling a property in Thailand for foreigners may seem complicated, especially if you are new to Thailand’s property market. There are numerous things you need to learn and understand, such as Thai Property Laws, to avoid any conflicts. The Thaiger’s partners can help you get through the process easier and faster while ensuring that your investment is as safe as it can be.

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Foreign Property Ownership in Thailand

There are three main ownership structures for foreigners who want to purchase property in Thailand.

Condo Freehold

Freehold means that you can own the property under the name forever. Since only condos can be owned freehold by foreign nationals, the freehold ownership title in Thailand is called Condominium Freehold Title.


Leasehold Title means you acquire the land on a leasehold basis from the land or building owner. The maximum lease permitted by Thai Law is 30 years, with the possibility for extensions for two times (total of 90 years lease). A leasehold title may not grant you full ownership, but it does offer you exclusive rights to use the property.

Through a Thai Company

You can own a property in Thailand by setting up and/or maintaining a Thai Company. It gives you more ownership rights than a leasehold title and provides a reasonable degree of indirect ownership and control. However, it sits in the “grey area” of the Thai legal system and is mostly not encouraged by the Thai government.

What you need to know when dealing with properties in Thailand

Are you buying or selling a property in Thailand for the first time? Learning the process, the laws, and the regulations can be a painful process for new buyers. Here are essential things you need to know about property in Thailand to get you started.

Know the law

This is one of the most vital parts of dealing with properties in Thailand. Remember that Thailand has different laws on property and land ownership from your home country. Do not try to circumnavigate the law, as it is likely to end in a disaster.

Condo is the preferred property type for foreigners

Foreigners are only legally allowed to own up to 49% of condominium units in a building, while the other 51% should be owned by a Thai national. This means that the buying process is more straightforward.

Due to this reason, condos are the most popular option for foreigners looking to purchase a property in Thailand. You can, however, own land through a leasehold or by setting up a Thai Company, as mentioned before.

Financing a property in Thailand

If you want to buy a property with cash, you can do it by transferring your funds to a local bank in Thailand. While it may sound easy, the process can be complicated. Therefore, make sure you study it well in advance.

Getting a mortgage as a foreigner

As a foreigner, you can apply for a housing loan if you cannot finance the property entirely by yourself. It is possible to get a loan from a local bank, but it is still uncommon. The more common way is to apply for a loan from an international bank, such as ICBC, UOB, and Bank of China.

Property taxes in Thailand

There are several property taxes to be paid by the Seller or the buyer in Thailand. However, sellers are responsible for paying most of the taxes. The property taxes in Thailand are transfer fee, stamp duty, rental income tax (if you buy-to-let), withholding tax, and business tax (capital gains tax).

Renting out property in Thailand

You can rent out your property in Thailand and earn some passive income. All you have to do is list your property in FazWaz.

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Customer Reviews


“Friendly staff who helped me coordinate. They Take good care of the price, and answered all my questions about selling and renting properties in Thailand.”

Phaiboon Osborne


there is a whole list of services they offer once you let the team know what your situation is, you just need to inquire with the thaiger (it’s free) then you should be receiving a call back from one of their partners

Reed McKnight


Recommended this service for anyone who is thinking about selling their house. Khun Pupae was very friendly and had a good understanding of our needs.

Sam Owne


Khun Jit was very nice and polite, we talked for an hour about what I wanted to do with my property, and she helped me out. This was a very simple process thank you.

Travis Peterson


The staff handled my situation perfectly, and the cost was very adorable.

Holly Smith


i had problems with the paper work to sell my house, then i found this service, where they have helped me and guided me through all the procedures.

Nathen Scwartz

Type of Property Services We Offer

We have a range of property services to help your property needs in Thailand. From finding your dream property to buy, renting, or selling your property, to legal services, we’ll ensure the whole process will be smooth and straightforward.

We have a wide range of properties for sale in Thailand. From condos and apartments to villas and houses. We will help you find your dream home at the best price. We also provide a dedicated team to give you a tailored support throughout the whole process.

Key Points:

  • Help you find your dream property in Thailand, from condos to villas.
  • A dedicated team to help you through the whole process.

Want to rent a property? Our team will work hard to meet your renting needs, no matter what type of property you want and where they are in Thailand.

Key Points:

  • Help you find the best property to rent in Thailand.
  • Easy and straightforward process.
  • An experienced team who will listen to your needs.

Whether you want to sell or rent out your property in Thailand, we got you. We will help you list your property for sale or rent, and our experienced agents will take care of it. You can sit back and relax until we find a buyer or a tenant for you.

Key Points:

  • List your property for sale.
  • List your property for rent.
  • An experienced real estate agent will help you find a buyer/tenant and guide you through the entire process.

Avoid losing your investment in Thailand with our legal Property services. We can help you with all of the legal aspects of purchasing a property in Thailand, from title services, due diligence to a Thai company’s registration.

Key Points:

  • Conduct and verify a title search.
  • Conduct due diligence, including inspection of building permits, physical inspection, and research on the developer or seller credentials.
  • Help you prepare and verify the sales and purchase agreement.
  • Register the title at the land Department on your behalf.
  • Help you register for a Thai company if needed.

Let the thaiger take care of your property needs in Thailand

I have always wanted to own a condo in Thailand, but the whole process looks so complicated. Thanks to The Thaiger’s and FazWaz’s brilliant team, I finally own my dream condo! The team was always punctual and spot-on. They were also quick and efficient. The process of purchasing my condo was simpler and more straightforward than I thought it would be!

Top tip: Learn the basics of Thai property law, and don’t be shy to ask for expert advice!

Mistakes and pitfalls to avoid when purchasing a property in Thailand

Purchasing a property in Thailand, especially for first-timers, can be tricky. It should be done with in-depth research and advanced planning. Remember, when it comes to property purchase, a mistake can be costly. Therefore, it is better to avoid making them in the first place.

1. Buying without a lawyer – While it is possible for you to buy property without a local lawyer, it can be very risky. Unless you are familiar with the local area, the language, and the Thai legal system, you should hire a local lawyer to help you with the process.

Contracts in Thailand can be different from what you are used to at home, and they may not adhere to international standards. Always make sure you sit down and discuss the process with a lawyer or a solicitor, as it is vital that you know the correct legal process of acquiring a property in Thailand.

2. No Title Search – Prior to signing a reservation agreement or placing a deposit, you have to do a comprehensive examination of the title deed recorded at the Land Department. It is vital to verify that the Seller has the correct legal title of the land before you agree on any contract. Doing a title search will also trace the land to its first possession. In addition, it will contain information regarding mortgages, liens, and leases on the title.

3. Not Conducting Due Diligence – Due diligence is required for any financial transaction to verify that it is a sound investment. Check the developer’s history and ask previous buyers to see if they are satisfied with the quality of the property. You may also hire a local lawyer to do it.

4. Not considering the surrounding area – You may fall in love with a property that you forget about the surrounding area, and when you finally live in it, you realize how much you don’t like the neighborhood. Therefore, always consider the surrounding area before you purchase a property. Find out if there’s a construction site around the area, how close it is to the main road access if there are any amenities nearby, and how safe the area is.

5. Purchasing without an estate agent – Since you are most likely not familiar with the local property market and potential risk, using a local expert’s service can help. They will be able to act as a conduit between you and the Seller. They will even obtain a fair price for you and act on your behalf while respecting your best interest.

The Thaiger offers you professional, quick, and efficient services for the best benefits on your property.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Property Servies with The Thaiger.

We also provide other services to support you in Thailand

Are you moving to Thailand or making a property investment in the country? Don’t miss out on our services. There are other services you may want to check out to ensure you are supported in Thailand. Let us support your Thailand life.

Property Insurance

Protect your home with property insurance and receive compensation from fires, floods, robbery, and invasive damage to your property. Additional add-ons are also available to purchase along with your main policy.

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Thai Tabiean Ban

A Thai Tabien Ban allows you to verify your property and register your name under your address in Thailand. The house registration book can also be used in procedures such as transferring ownership of a vehicle or property, opening a bank account, applying for a new provision of electricity or a telephone line, or applying for a job.

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Home Loan

Whether you’re buying your home in Thailand, moving to a new house, or re-mortgaging, allow us to help you achieve your house with our home mortgages to serve your individual financing needs. With our wide range of competitive interest rates, get your dream home now to suit your financial plan and receive extra property insurance.

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Permanent Residence

With our Permanent Resident services, you may obtain your Permanent Resident status in Thailand. Allowing you to stay in Thailand indefinitely without the need to apply for a visa extension, as well as securing a work permit and starting a company in Thailand, should become easier.

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Other Related Legal & Corporate Services

Find the best legal and corporate services in Thailand with the Thaiger.

Money Exchange & Transfer

Get the most convenient and efficient currency exchange rates in any currency. Transfer your funds without charge and in complete security 24 hours a day despite where you are.

Translate Documents

There’s no need to be worried if you don’t understand Thai documents. We will provide you with a translation in your native language for your documents.

Legal Advice

Get the special legal service and learn more about rights, laws, and legal needs, with Thai and international teams of expert lawyers. Helping you to overcome the difference between languages and culture.

Corporate Services

Build the best corporate structure for your company. Get advice and support for Thai business law through the process of getting all the essential permits to set up your business.

Legal Service

Moving or investing in Thailand? You may need some legal support from an experienced lawyer who understands Thai law and can knock the language barrier for you with legal services.

Whether it’s drafting public instruments, registration, and licencing standards, private contracts or agreements, personal legal documents, notary services, and many other things will require the assistance of a lawyer. Lawyers are ready to walk you through your legal options and also protect you from your legal problems.

In addition, our expert lawyers can give you an explanation regarding all the possible legal repercussions that can result from an action.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thai Property Services

You must register a land lease for the duration of 3 years or more to the land department. You must also pay some fees. The maximum duration of a land lease is 30 years, but it is renewable for another 30 years.

No, it is not illegal to rent out your property in Thailand. Foreign-owned properties can be rented out. There are banks in the country that allows you to open an account to collect the rents. Note that, as a foreigner, there will be a deduction of personal income tax from your income earning in Thailand, including income from renting out your property.

You can obtain construction permission at the Local Administration organization or at the Municipal Office where your land is located. An engineer or an architect needs to submit your Structure Plans.

In Thailand, a large number of foreigners purchase property than anywhere else in Asia. There are many reasons why, among real estate investors worldwide, Thailand is now a top pick. From its strategic location on the map today, Thailand (and its property market) can still reap huge rewards.

In Thailand, foreigners do not buy property, only condominium units and apartments. A foreigner may, however, purchase a whole house, minus the land on which it is constructed. Minor changes in Thai law have allowed non-residents to explore the Thai real estate market in recent years.

Yes! In fact, for many decades now, many villas in Thailand have been owned by foreigners using this system, and there have never been any cases of ownership problems. However, it is necessary to use an impartial lawyer to verify that the company created to own the property is properly set up to allow the foreign buyer full control over the company and its properties.

Currently, the best choice for a foreign citizen to buy a house in Thailand is to take advantage of the fact that Thai laws allow foreigners to register long-term rights of ownership, use or occupation of land (lease agreement or surface right) and to own their house directly.

Yes, the property tax is currently 12.5 percent of the annual assessed rental value of a property. If the actual owner resides on the property himself, the tax is not due.

No, you only have to reside legally in Thailand without your interference or have your real estate agent or lawyer approved to do the transaction.

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