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Our passionate team of professionals is ready to assist you with your business investments in Thailand. With our partners and their team of professional investors, you can rest assured that your investment with us is safe and secured.

What is Business Investment in Thailand?

According to a recent study by the World Bank, it’s never been easier to do business in Thailand as Thailand is one of the great development success stories. Besides that, Thailand has also risen six places in the World Bank’s 2020 ease of doing business rankings to 21st place out of 190 countries.

Thailand has maintained an open, market-oriented economy that promotes economic development, employment, and technology transfer by encouraging foreign direct investment. Despite several major investment disputes in 2009, Thailand continues to welcome investment from all countries and strives to avoid becoming overly reliant on a single source of capital.

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Why Should You Invest in Thailand?

Thailand is a great place to invest for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the most important advantages and benefits you will receive while investing in Thailand.


Thailand is one of the top-visited countries in the world, in 2019, roughly 40 million people visited the country.

Government Support

The Thai government is very welcoming to foreign investors. Through the Board of Investment (BOI), the government provides various tax incentives schemes to its investors.

FDI Policies

Thailand’s economic development is heavily reliant on foreign direct investments, which is advantageous to both investors and governments departments.

Global Ranking

With the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia, Thailand serves as a gateway for international investors from all over the world.

Infrastructural Growth

Thailand is continuously improving their IT networks, modern transportation, skilled workforce, and communication facilities.

Foreign Business Act Restrictions

The Foreign Business Act (FBA), B.E. 2542 (1999), defines three types of business activities. It was enacted to regulate business operations and activities involving foreign nationals and entities.

Business Not Permitted to Foreigners

For legal reasons, foreigners are not allowed to conduct the following businesses:
– Rice farming, crop growing, or plantation.
– Livestock farming.
– The press, radio broadcasting station, and television station business.
– Fishery.
– Forestry and timber processing.
– Extraction of Thai medicinal herbs.
– Land trading.
– Making or casting Buddha images.
– Trading and auction sale objects that has a historical value to Thailand

Business Permitted under Conditions

Foreigners can do certain businesses as long as 40% of the company’s shares are held by Thai nationals or people who aren’t classed as foreigners. These businesses include businesses related to national safety or any businesses that may have an impact on culture, traditions, arts and the environment.

Businesses in Respect of Which Thai Nationals Are Not Yet Ready to Compete with Foreigners

There are several businesses that Thai nationals are not ready yet to compete with foreigners. You can do these businesses, but you need to obtain a Foreign Business License first. These business includes, but are not limited to:
– Forestry from a grown forest.
– Production of lime.
– Provision of architectural services.
– Hotel businesses (except the hotel management service).
– Advertising businesses.
– Guided touring.

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Business Investment Services We Offer

Below are some business investment services we offer. Each of them are different, so make sure to read the details carefully.

Investing in real estate or land markets is regarded as a good decision. Since Thailand’s land and property prices are rising every year, it’s a good investment choice for most foreigners visiting Thailand and staying for short a period of time investing in real estate or land markets is regarded as a good decision.

Furthermore, here are the major benefits of investing in property in Thailand:

– Home prices are very competitive, and property owners should expect higher rental incomes.
– There are no taxes on land inheritance.
– An investor can expect a minimum return on investment of 6% to 8%.
– The process of purchasing a home in Thailand is simple and hassle-free.

Key Points:

  • Simple-long term investments.
  • High demand in the local and international market.
  • Value of property rising year by year.

Another interesting investment opportunity in Thailand is an industrial investment. There are numerous opportunities to start and develop an industrial sector. It covers various parts of Thailand, depending on your preferences and what you would like to invest in. Some of the popular categories in Thailand is the Rubber industry and the Electronics industry bringing a combination of more than 40 billion USD in the year 2019.

Recently the Thai government has also aimed to promote new investments heavily under the Thailand 4.0 policy to innovation and driven economy. As a result, your industrial investment will be supported by the government.

Key Points:

  • Wide range of opportunities in investing business and grow and be profitable.
  • The investment is in many areas of the country.
  • Supported by the government.

Starting-up company in Thailand is on the rise due to its exponential economic development over the years, which has attracted investors to the country to attract the country’s growing business demands while also maximizing their investment income.

Startup companies in Thailand is also a good investment option, whether it’s SMEs or bigger organizations as there is a lot of room for growth in Thailand’s market.

Key Points:

  • Thailand is one of the world’s high rated destinations.
  • Thailand offers a wide range of markets with lots of starts up emerging.

Business investment in Thailand doesn’t have to be lenghty and complex.

I didn’t know how to invest in Thailand and register my business here, but now it’s running so smoothly. I should totally give credit to the Thaiger, for supporting my business investment in Thailand. The Thaiger and their one-stop services made it easy for me to access many opportunities in Thailand.

Top tip: Make sure to read and understand the Foreign Business Act first before you actually invest in Thailand.

Why Invest in Thailand?

In the Southeast Asian region, Thailand is now a favoured destination for foreign investment. The government’s proactive policies are forward-thinking and innovative, actively encouraging socio-economic progress and development. The Thai government have also been strongly encouraging foreign investment in both the financial and local industrial sectors.

The Thai government’s business-friendly policies are also now offering a variety of benefits to international investors. Tax exemptions and significant import duty exemptions, as well as the ability to own property.

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Types of Company in Thailand

There are various types of foreign-owned companies in Thailand. These include:

Limited Partnership

A Limited Partnership consists of a general partner, who runs the company and bears unlimited personal responsibility for the debts and responsibilities, and a limited partner, who bears limited liability but is not allowed to manage the company.

Regional Offices

Regional offices must perform business in Thailand on behalf of the corporate headquarters, which is located outside of Thailand.

Representative Offices

There are several limitations to representative offices. They must report their business activities, including importing goods and services in Thailand, checking and controlling the quality and quantity of manufactured goods in Thailand, and introducing information about new products or services.

Private Limited Company

A private limited company is when a company can only have a maximum of 50 shareholders.

Public company limited

For the establishment and registration of a public limited company’s memorandum of association, a minimum of 15 promoters are required, and the promoters must holding their shares for over 2 years before they can be transferred. A public limited company’s Board of Directors must have a minimum of 5 members, and at least half of them being Thai nationals.

Branch Office

Obligations of the branch office resulting from the operation of the business in Thailand will not be limited to Thailand but will apply to the head office abroad. If one of the branch office’s operations is protected by the Foreign Business Act, the branch office would need a Foreign Business License to work in Thailand.

BOI Thailand Services

Thailand has maintained its reputation as a friendly destination for foreign investment. It has even become the centre of commerce in Southeast Asia. To further promote foreign investment in the country, the Thai government established the Thailand Board of Investment in 1997.

The Thailand Board of Investment, or “BOI,” is a government-run organisation that helps promote direct foreign investment in Thailand. It provides investment incentives for both foreign and local entrepreneurs who want to invest in the organisation’s promoted activities. The core roles and responsibilities of BOI Thailand is to promote valuable investment, both Thai overseas investment and investment into Thailand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Investment in Thailand

The minimum capital threshold for a Thai majority shareholder company (limited) is currently 2 million Baht, plus a 7,000 Baht government set-up fee. This condition is limited to 1 million Baht if you have a Thai spouse.

Although Thailand is one of the most popular places globally and has many opportunities, unfortunately, a foreigner cannot truly own 100% of businesses in Thailand. Also, establishing a business in Thailand seems quite complicated.

However, there’re also many exceptions and possibilities for foreigners to own business in Thailand. Therefore, owning or buying the business in Thailand is highly recommended to have support from corporate service and lawyers fluent in Thai and English.

Yes, a common method is to form a Thai partnership with a Thai partner who holds a majority share. After that, a contract would be made in which the Thai company would hand over the full power of attorney to the foreign partner, granting them the right to buy properties.

Of course, Thailand is located in the centre of Southeast Asia and is one of the world’s most visited country with more than 21 million arrivals. Besides, there’s support from the Thai government for new investments under the Thailand 4.0 policy.

Yes, you can. Invest in mutual funds in Thailand is an excellent alternative to build financial stability. In Thailand, there’re many mutual fund investment options for you. Such as foreign investment fund, money market fund, mixed fund and many more.

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