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Why buy Travel Insurance with the Thaiger?

Comparing and choosing a travel insurance plan can be complicated, but the Thaiger makes it easy and as straightforward as we can be. Whether you are traveling close to home or to the other side of the world, we will help you find the right protection plan. Sit back, relax, and let us do the legwork for you.

Why do I need travel insurance?

If there is one thing you absolutely need to pack before a trip, it’s travel insurance. Traveling is always unpredictable and you never know what might happen.

Travel insurance protects you against the unexpected. Whether your trip gets canceled, you get stranded due to travel delays, or even when you get sick during your trip, travel insurance can help you from any misfortune and financial loss.

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What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance covers the essential things to have a safe and worry-free trip. How much cover you have for each of the following coverage depends on your policy.

Medical Expenses

Any medical and dental emergencies that may occur during your trip will be covered by travel insurance. However, make sure to mention a pre-existing medical condition if you do have one.


If your health requires you to be brought back to your home country, travel insurance can help pay the cost of flights.

Trip Delays or Cancellations

If you must cancel your trip due to a covered reason; travel insurance will reimburse your prepaid and non-refundable expenses. It will also protect you from an interrupted trip due to a covered reason.

Lost or Delayed Luggage

Reimburses and covers the reasonable additional purchase of any essential item you need during your trip if your baggage is delayed, lost, or damaged.

What Do You Need to Consider When Buying Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance comes in all shapes and sizes, selecting the right plan depends on your specific circumstances. Therefore, you need to consider several things to ensure you choose the right plan that fits your needs.

Know what coverage is vital for your trip

The activities you plan for your trip will determine the best coverage. It is crucial that you know what coverage is vital for your trip to avoid paying for cover that you will not need. For example, if you are going to engage in intense adventure sports, make sure the policy you choose covers that. If you are travelling with expensive electronics, find a plan to protect them should anything unwanted happen.

Find out what your travel insurance doesn’t cover

Travel insurance is not like standard health insurance. It is mostly for emergencies, therefore, it might not cover things like pre-existing conditions or pregnancy-related issues. It doesn’t typically cover “high risks” activities, such as skydiving or scuba diving. For these things, you may need different plans or additional add-ons.

Check your credit cards

Your credit card may already offer insurance benefits for rental cars, trip cancellation, lost luggage, etc. You can avoid buying covers that are already provided by your credit card to save money.

Check out the annual policy

Do you travel regularly? If the answer is yes, then annual travel insurance may be the right choice for you, and it can really cut the cost of your cover. With single trip travel insurance, you are only protected for one holiday. On the other hand, annual policies cover your travel for over 12 months. Therefore, if you are travelling more than once or twice a year, annual travel insurance usually works out to be more affordable.

Family Policy can be more affordable

If you are not a solo traveller and plan to travel with your partner and children, you may want to get family travel insurance. It is usually more affordable to get family travel insurance that covers everyone compared to separate policies.

Read the fine print

While it may seem daunting and annoying to read through the fine print, it is vital to know what you are buying and how you are covered.

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Find travel insurance the easy way! the thaiger has given the full explanation of what products are available and what they cover they offer, a good place to gather knowledge and it’s free to inquire

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Great team to work with they work hard to help you, thanks again I will let people know about you guys 5 star all the way

Tony G.


Good list of products, exactly what I was looking for when searching for travel insurances.

Tony G.


5 star – good information, easy to understand and access, the inquiry form is simple and doesn’t take long for customer service to get back to you

Kristy Su


Reading about travel insurance has given me a lot of insight into what products to look for and what different covers they have, the thaiger has done a very good job in showing their information.

Kathy Burke


Buying travel insurance seems so effortless now

Marisa Rogerson

Types of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is divided into several types. However, since knowing which type of plan to choose can be difficult, we simplified it for you into two main types: single-trip insurance and multi-trip insurance.

Learn the details about each insurance, what they cover, and choose the one that will match your needs and budget.

Are you planning for a short break, traveling for business, or going for a one-off holiday? Then single trip insurance is the right choice for you. It offers protection for one trip over a set period of time.

Single trip insurance covers you from the moment you buy until you are safely back home. It typically provides coverage for the entire length of your trip. It may last up to one year, though it varies by policy.

Key Points:

  • Perfect if you don’t plan to travel more than once or twice a year. In this case, it might be cheaper as well.
  • It can be short-term or long-term.
  • The entire length of your trip is covered and may last up to one year.
  • Covers trip delays, cancellation, and curtailment. Delayed or lost luggage and loss of personal belongings are covered as well.
  • Covers medical expenses and emergency repatriation, as well as personal accidents.
  • Available in an individual, couples, family, or group policy.

Are you a frequent flyer? Do you travel multiple times a year? If you do, you should consider getting annual multi-trip insurance. Taking out this type of insurance means you can travel without the hassle of buying single-trip insurance every time you travel.

With annual multi-trip insurance, you are covered for up to 45 days of travel per trip for a year. In addition, you are allowed to travel as many time as you want.

Key Points:

  • More cost-effective if you travel more than once or twice a year as you don’t have to buy single trip insurance multiple times.
  • Save you from a lot of hassle. You can avoid wasting your time since you don’t have to keep applying and buying single trip insurance every time you travel.
  • Keep you prepared for last minute trips.
  • Medical expenses and emergency repatriation are covered.
  • Cover for trip delays, cancellation, and curtailment.
  • Cover for lost or delayed lyggage, as well as theft or loss of personal belongings.
  • Available for an individual, couples, family, or group policy.

Travel insurance guarantees that nothing can turn your dream vacation into a disaster

I always thought travel insurance is expensive and unnecessary, but it’s actually easy to find cheap travel insurance thanks to the Thaiger. I’m glad I purchased it before my last trip. I’m glad I decided to buy travel insurance before my previous trip. A few days into my holiday in Phuket, I tripped and fell. Not only did I twisted my ankles, but I also dropped my camera. It was so easy to file a claim, and all of my expenses were reimbursed almost instantly.

Top tip: Know what you’re going to do during your trip to ensure that your travel insurance covers everything you might need.

Why The Thaiger?

There are so many insurance companies with hundreds of plans to choose from out there, which makes the process of buying travel insurance difficult. We understand that travel insurance can be confusing, which is why we strive to make it easy for our customers

The Thaiger compiled and compared a list of plans and coverages for you. All you have to do is provide a few details about yourself and your travel plans; then, we’ll help you pick the travel insurance that works for you using our unbiased comparison.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Travel Insurance from The Thaiger

Policy Types Based on Where and Who You Travel With

Where you go and who you travel with determines the type of cover you need. Make sure to choose the right policy, so you are fully protected during your trip.

Note: These policies can be single-trip or annual multi-trip.

Covid-19 Insurance

Protect yourself and your family wherever you are from the coronavirus. If you or your loved one are diagnosed with Covid-19, the insurance will cover all the medical and other necessary expenses.

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Group Travel Insurance

If you are travelling on the same trip of itinerary with a group of people, you should consider a group travel insurance plan. It can cover ten or more travellers in a single policy, which can be more affordable than buying individual travel insurance.

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International Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance is designed for those who plan to travel outside of their home countries. It covers everything from emergency evacuation, trip cancellation, medical expenses, to loss of personal possessions.

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Domestic Travel Insurance

Sometimes, people overlook domestic travel insurance and think they don’t need it because travelling inside their own home country may be less expensive. However, unexpected things can still happen no matter what you are.

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Additional Covers for A Safer Travel

Everybody needs different covers, depending on what they plan to do on their trip. You can add further items and activities to your travel insurance policy, which will cover your specific needs and give you extra protection. With these additional covers, you can travel anywhere with more confidence and security.

Medical Cover

The extra medical cover protects you from conditions not covered in the standard policy, such as pre-existing medical conditions.

Visa Cover

Certain destinations, such as the Schengen Area, may require you to have visa cover to be able to enter the country.

Adventure and extreme sports cover

Are you planning to try scuba diving or paragliding? Or you want to try mountain biking? Then you might need this extra cover.

Cancellation covers

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes those surprises may force you to cancel your trip. As suggested by its name, cancel for any reason is extra coverage that allows you to cancel your trip for other reasons than those listed in “trip cancellation covered reasons.”

Natural disaster and terrorism cover

Although the chances of encountering a natural disaster or terrorist event are small, they can happen. Natural disasters and tourism cover can protect you from some of the unpleasant results of those events.

Gadget cover

If you plan to bring your beloved techs, whether it is your smartphone, tablets, laptops, or consoles, make sure you get them protected.

Travel Insurance and Covid-19 Insurance

Most travel insurance policy excludes cover for pandemics, meaning it will not cover losses due to the coronavirus or cover for the medical expenses if you contracted Covid-19 during your trip. Due to these reasons, combining travel insurance with Covid-19 insurance is necessary for many travellers.

Suppose you are diagnosed with Covid-19 during your trip, all the medical and necessary expenses will be covered. It is also a requirement for tourists who want to travel to Thailand. The Thai government requires visitors to have Covid-19 insurance covering a minimum of $100,000 or ฿3.5 million.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Insurance

While there are no set rules on when you should purchase your travel insurance, it is recommended that you buy as soon as you book and make an initial payment on your trip.

Yes, you are allowed to cancel the insurance, typically within 14 days of the date of your purchase, for a full refund. However, this may differ depending on the insurer.

This depends on the policy you choose. Single-trip policies usually last the length of your trip, typically up to one year. On the other hand, annual travel insurance may only cover up to 45 days for each trip.

No, your travel insurance does not cover pets. However, you can purchase separate pet insurance to protect them.

You can refer to your plan documents for all the details, including covered limits, benefits, and exclusions.

You can claim insurance by making a reservation. You may need to show some required documents, such as travel proof and medical bills, but the requirements can differ for each insurer.

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