Vietnam Ministry of Labour cracks down on illegal workers

PHOTO: Dao Ngoc Dung, Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (via

In the struggles facing Vietnam with a new Covid-19 outbreak, the country has announced a crackdown on illegal foreign workers. The Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs has requested tightening on the rules and enforcement of expats working in Vietnam in an official announcement. They urged provincial and municipal officials to get strict on foreign workers and consider deporting those who do not have proper work permits or have not followed all the proper procedures to work legally in Vietnam.

A major reason for the tightening is the rollercoaster of Covid-19 outbreaks in Vietnam, which spent most of last year with closed borders but very few Covid-19 infections, but is now battling a new variant and outbreaks around the country, leading to lockdowns and restrictions. The Minister of Labour believes that foreigners are a liability when they are coming into Vietnam all around the country illegally to find work.

The minister requested that local officials ramp up labour inspections and not be lenient on violations by any organisation or person who employs illegal staff or breaks any labour laws of Vietnam. Furthermore, he tasked appropriate agencies to review the status and legitimacy of all foreign staff for businesses and establishments throughout the country.

Aside from the crackdown inside the country, calls for strengthening borders were made to be more strict on managing foreigners entering Vietnam. The minister wants all foreign workers properly registered and to crackdown completely on all immigrants working illegally in Vietnam.

The announcement called on local authorities in all municipalities to be much more inflexible in issuing any new work permits, following current procedures and regulations strictly.

While they are complying with these crackdown instructions, the minister also asked that all businesses and establishments with foreign staff be inspected for compliance with all Covid-19 safety measures. Any business found to not meet the safety regulations will be closed.

SOURCE: Ministry of Labour

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