Argentina’s coastal mystery: Penis fish find ‘resting’ place en masse

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In an unexpected turn of events, the coastline of Argentina has become the resting place for thousands of aquatic creatures colloquially known as ‘Penis fish‘ (urechis unicinctus), due to their resemblance to the male sexual organ. This bizarre phenomenon has sparked curiosity and intrigue among the local populace.

Well-known for their habitation in muddy or sandy terrain, these fish, extending up to 1 metre in length, are renowned for their elasticity and high-fat content. An intriguing revelation from the fossil record indicates that these creatures have a life span of up to 25 years and have been in existence for around 300 million years.

This unprecedented natural event discovered post a fish unveiled thousands of penis fish washed ashore along the El Multyar beach in the southern part of Argentina. Each of these creatures, measured by locals, was found to be about 25.4 centimetres long.

In Argentina, these fish are integral in enticing white hake, making them valuable bait for local fisherfolk. Whereas, in Asia, certain folk remedies from traditional Chinese medicine vouch for their therapeutic potential. They are believed to reinforce Yang energy, warm the liver and kidneys, and rectify conditions relating to spinal strength and kidney problems, reported Criticasur.

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The taste of pencil worms, mild and analogous to clams, is complemented by their rich amino acid content, making their culinary usage vary across nations.

In China, these worms are often dried for longevity and then soaked before cooking, consuming them fried or steamed. The Japanese relish them raw in the form of sashimi, garnished with soy sauce and citrus juice. South Koreans also enjoy them raw, paired either with salt and sesame oil or gochujang – a blend of sweet and salty flavours, offering an easy chew.

Ironically, earlier this year in a picturesque waterside village in the Chanthaburi province, visitors were drawn to weird street snacks, including the rightly famous Monkey Dick. Read more about the story HERE.

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