Teenager surprises sister with massive gold necklace at her wedding

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At a wedding ceremony, a 15 year old boy stunned the attendees by presenting his sister with a large gold necklace as a surprise gift. The news quickly spread across Vietnam’s online world, leaving netizens with a mix of shock and amusement.

The video clip showing this surprising incident was shared widely on social networks. The footage revealed a young boy, dressed in a white shirt and glasses, confidently stepping onto the stage at a wedding ceremony.

The curiosity of the guests was piqued when they saw him carrying a large black plastic bag, claiming it was a wedding gift for his soon-to-be-married sister. The bride immediately covered her face, fearing her brother was about to play a prank.

When the host inquired about the contents of the black bag, the boy promptly responded “gold.” To everyone’s astonishment, he pulled out a massive gold necklace from the bag and placed it around his sister’s neck.

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The guests were left in awe, perhaps because he wanted to give his sister a memorable surprise on her special day, thus hiding it in a black bag to trick her, reported Saostar.

Once the gold necklace was securely placed around the bride’s neck, laughter echoed across both families. Everyone was thoroughly entertained by the boy’s prank on his sister.

The profound bond between the siblings was evident. Sometimes, love is not expressed through sweet words but through such playful pranks.

After the video was released, netizens flooded the comments section with various reactions.

“The brother is hilarious.”

“Clearly, the bond between the siblings is very deep. What a joyful family.”

“Seeing this, I wish I had a brother too. So cute.”

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