Taiwanese woman discovers husband’s four-year affair after wedding

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A woman from Taiwan, recently married, was left in shock after discovering a four-year-long affair her husband had been concealing in his mobile phone. The couple had been in a relationship for eight years and had just celebrated their wedding when she stumbled upon the heartbreaking secret. This story may likely end in a divorce.

The woman shared her shocking story. She discovered her husband’s infidelity after their wedding when she found text messages from another woman on his mobile phone. The woman revealed that she had been with her husband for eight years, and they had been officially married for just a year. She believed they were set to live a happy life together but instead was met with a cruel truth that had been hidden for many years.

Recalling the incident, she said that one night after their wedding, her husband fell asleep whilst watching a video on his mobile phone. She decided to help him by taking the phone away. Suddenly, a message from another woman popped up on his screen. After reading it, she was horrified to learn that her husband had been cheating on her for more than four years.

She clicked to see more and discovered that the affair had been ongoing for more than four years. Even the night before their wedding reception, he had confessed his love to another woman, promising to marry her (the mistress) once his career had advanced, reported HK01.

“When I think about his vows at our wedding reception, it brings tears to my eyes, and my heart shakes. When he said those words, was he thinking of me at all? Why didn’t you let me go? Why did you marry me?”

The woman explained that she had never checked his mobile phone before, and he often travelled for business. Hence, she had no idea that he was unfaithful. She added that she had already sought advice from her lawyer, and the other party suggested that she should remain calm and look for more substantial evidence before filing for divorce.

Netizens support

“But now, I can’t be in the same place as him, and I’m almost broken when I think about him. I don’t dare to go back to my parents’ house, afraid that they will be heartbroken if they know, so I’m hiding at a friend’s house for now. It hurts. I was deceived like this when I thought I had found true love.”

Her post sparked heated debates among netizens. Most criticised her husband and offered her their support.

“Oh my God… I want to hug you.”

“This is a complete betrayal of your trust in him.”

“I understand how you feel.”

“This is too trashy.”

Some netizens even suggested that she should gather evidence, and manage her finances well when suing for a divorce, and if they don’t have children, she should divorce him as soon as possible. The woman responded that she had kept all the evidence of her husband’s infidelity, but she was still confused.

The reason why she had never checked her husband’s mobile phone before was due to a previous experience with an ex-boyfriend. Her ex used to check her mobile phone every day and she had to tell him all her social software account passwords. Eventually, she couldn’t stand it, and they broke up. When she started dating this husband, she never checked his mobile phone.

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