Singapore robot patrols park with polite social distancing reminder

Singapore Public Utilities Board/Facebook

“Do not loiter at this park. Stay safe, stay home.”

A robot, originally procured a year ago to monitor plants and reservoirs in Singapore, is being put to a different use in these strange new Covid-19 times. Boasting a 360 degree, high-definition camera and facial recognition sensors, the robot, known as O-R3, patrols Bedok Reservoir park, politely telling off anyone caught violating social distancing rules or “lingering unnecessarily”.

Coconuts reports that the self-driving, autonomous vehicle, the property of Singapore’s Public Utilities Board, has been given a temporary new job description, helping to flatten the Covid-19 curve in the city-state. Singapore originally appeared to have done this quite successfully, but a big spike in infections among the migrant worker community has resulted in nearly 15,000 cases as of today.

A Reuters video shows the robot making its way around the park, issuing the important safety message we’re all too familiar with now.

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“To curb the spread of Covid-19, gatherings at this park are not allowed. Please practice safe distancing at all times and do not loiter at this park. Stay safe, stay home.”

The Thaiger suggests that the “broken record” repetition may be all the deterrent that’s needed …

SOURCE: Coconuts

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