Sarawak deputy minister proposes film academy to boost local talent

The possibility of establishing a film academy in Sarawak has been proposed by the deputy minister for Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Sarawak, Sebastian Ting. The idea aims to encourage skilled Sarawakians to venture into the film industry and provide them with diplomas or certificates upon graduation.

During a press conference on the Sixth Asean International Film Festival and Awards (Aiffa) at Grand Margherita Hotel, Ting suggested that the academy could be set up through a collaboration between the government and the private sector. He questioned whether Sarawak was ready for such a venture and how to proceed after Aiffa.

Aiffa director Livan Tajang, who was also present at the conference, shared her views on the matter. She mentioned that there are already four universities in Sarawak offering courses for aspiring film directors, cameramen, and other related professions. However, she expressed her support for the establishment of a film academy in the region.

“In Sarawak, there are already four universities offering courses for people (wanting) to become film directors, cameramen and so on. However, I would support it if Sarawak wishes to have a film academy. Aside from directors and the cameramen, the film industry also needs the artists ― actors, actresses, the make-up artists and so on,” said Livan.

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