Biden and Marcos to discuss economic ties and Indo-Pacific at White House meeting

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US President Joe Biden is set to meet with Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos on May 1 at the White House, according to a statement by White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre on Thursday. The leaders will discuss deepening economic ties and address issues in the Indo-Pacific region.

Jean-Pierre stated that they are also keen to explore further economic cooperation. “During the visit, President Biden will reaffirm the United States’ ironclad commitment to the defence of the Philippines, and the leaders will discuss efforts to strengthen the longstanding US-Philippines alliance,” the statement said.

This meeting comes as the Philippines recently revealed four more military bases that the US might be allowed access to, amid shared concerns about China’s growing influence. Last week, China’s ambassador to Manila accused the Philippines of “stoking the fire” of regional tensions by offering to expand base access for the US.

With tensions rising in the region, this meeting serves as a crucial time for the US and the Philippines to solidify their alliance and take decisive steps in strengthening their relations. The Philippines’ decision to allow the US access to more military bases is a significant move, and it is clear that both countries will need to address China’s growing presence in the area.

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As economic growth and regional stability are at stake, the upcoming meeting between Biden and Marcos is expected to have a substantial impact on international diplomacy. The two leaders will not only discuss their countries’ alliance but also explore opportunities for economic cooperation and address concerns regarding China’s influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

With the Philippines’ recent decision to allow the US access to additional military bases, tensions in the area have increased. China has expressed its discontent with this move, accusing the Philippines of exacerbating regional tensions. This meeting serves as an opportunity for the US and the Philippines to strengthen their alliance and devise strategies to address China’s growing presence.

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