Parents warned not to trust viral SPM school rankings on social media

Parents in Malaysia are being urged not to pay attention to school rankings based on the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination 2022 results, which have been circulating on social media. Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek has emphasised that the Education Ministry (MoE) has not released any official statement or confirmation regarding these rankings.

According to Fadhlina, the school average grade (GPS) and the State Education Department (JPN) are used as references for schools, districts, and states, but not for competition. The GPS serves as an indicator to identify new mechanisms that need to be implemented for future SPM candidates, rather than a ranking system.

The Education Minister further explained that the ranking position should not be considered a key performance indicator (KPI). Instead, it should be used for the improvement and progress of a school. She urged parents to focus on their children’s education and find ways to strengthen their learning system, rather than being swayed by the rankings.

Addressing the issue of SPM graduates who do not wish to pursue higher education, Fadhlina said the ministry consistently provides guidance and monitors these students through a tracking system. The MoE offers career guidance and counselling in schools from an early stage, as well as various skill-related tests to gauge students’ interests and direction.

Moreover, numerous career carnivals and motivational talks from school alumni are held to encourage students to continue their studies after completing their SPM. However, Fadhlina acknowledged that some students may choose not to pursue further education due to personal or family reasons, and external factors must also be considered.

Fadhlina made these statements during the Madani Education Roadshow programme and a meeting with the education minister at a hotel in Alor Setar.

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