Malaysia studies rail service revamp for enhanced governance and competitiveness

The Malaysian government is currently conducting a feasibility study to determine the future direction of multiple rail service operators in the country. The Ministry of Transport (MoT) stated that the study aims to enhance the governance and framework of the existing railway model, covering financial, economic, operational, social, regulatory, and legal aspects.

In response to a question posed by Wong Shu Qi, a Member of Parliament, the MoT explained that the study is also focused on operational sustainability and ecosystem improvement in railway management. This would enable operators to remain competitive and provide the best service to passengers.

The feasibility study includes aspects of strengthening key players in the railway industry, such as Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB) and Railway Asset Corp (RAC). It also considers the need to establish new entities to support a sustainable and competitive ecosystem.

Furthermore, the MoT noted that it has identified an opportunity to improve the railway management ecosystem for the mainline/intercity line sector, which is currently operated by KTMB.

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