Indonesian couple’s suicide note requests no investigation

PHOTO: A couple in Indonesia was found holding hands in bed, dead from an apparent suicide. (via iStock)

An apparent double suicide in Indonesia is raising eyebrows as the deceased left a surprising suicide note. The couple was found dead, fully clothed in bed and holding hands after allegedly poisoning themselves. In what appears to be a suicide note the couple left behind, they asked that their death not be investigated.

According to police in Ciputat, South Tangerang – about 30 kilometres southwest of Jakarta – a couple was found dead in a hotel room on January 3. The couple, identified only by initials were 23 and 26 years old. They were discovered fully clothed and holding hands on the bed.

A package containing the highly toxic substance potassium cyanide was found when police searched the room. They believe the couple ingested this poison to commit suicide. Police also found a suicide note in the room that contained several odd requests.

The couple requested that their deaths not be publicised and that the police not investigate the case, according to the Jakarta Metro Police. The couple’s suicide note stated that their deaths were done of their own accord. In consideration of the wishes of the victims’ families and in accordance with the couple’s suicide note requests, the police have ceased their investigation into the case. As a result, no motive for the suicide has been established.

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The police are said to be complying with the couple’s apparent wishes and have decided not to publicly disclose details of the case. While the police are required to report their investigations to the public, they have chosen to respect the couple’s wishes and the feelings of their families in this tragic situation and not release any additional information or pursue any further investigation.

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